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3 Things to Do This Winter in New York State

Ahhh, winter. It’s the season of warm fires, hot chocolate, family holidays, and, in New York State, snow!

No matter your feelings about winter weather, if you plan on visiting New York in wintertime be ready for short days and long nights with temperatures hovering in the low 20s to low 30s and a mix of rain, sleet, and snow to create the ideal environment for both indoor and outdoor activities!

Are you eager to experience New York in winter’s glory or content to just stay warm and toasty? No matter which camp you belong, here are three must-dos during New York’s snowy months.

1. Go Skiing

Finding an accommodating ski lodge should not be difficult in New York; with more resorts than any other state in the country owing to the Adirondack Mountains, Hudson Valley, and Finger Lakes there should be something available that meets all of your criteria.

Each lodge boasts distinctive characteristics that distinguish it from others, from beginner-friendly slopes and resorts offering expert runs to getaway resorts with luxury cabins that will keep you toasty between skiing sessions.

Ski resorts are known for more than just skiing; they also boast romantic accommodations, relaxing spa services and proximity to nearby villages for shopping and dining experiences.

2. Learn How to Figure Skate

Ice skating has long been an iconic pastime enjoyed by New Yorkers. You’ll find plenty of rinks from Canada/US border to New York City to practice figure skating or people-watch others as they glide by (though we do not advise skating on random ponds/lakes without first getting acquainted with them.)

Empire State Plaza, Bryant Park and Rockefeller Center each attract thousands of visitors annually, and offer reflective pools with reflecting pools attracting hundreds more every day. Be sure to purchase tickets early if you want a guaranteed skating session!

Bear Mountain State Park provides a scenic and uncrowded route into Manhattan while providing stunning views of Hudson Valley. Clinton Square Ice Rink can be found a little further north in Syracuse while, closer to Buffalo on its border with Canada, Ice at Canalside offers biking, bumper car, skating and heated igloo experiences!

3. Dig Into the Culture

One of the greatest features of New York State is its rich, diverse culture. When exploring an area, visitors may encounter both ancient homes and buildings alongside modern shops like cannabis dispensaries (side note: recreational cannabis is legal in New York State; however if you obtain a license through Veriheal you’ll pay lower taxes and get access to better-quality products.)

As you explore villages, towns, and cities, you will observe influences of various civilizations including Native American tribes as well as Dutch, French, and English settlers.

These influences can be found at museums across the state. If you are an enthusiast of history and museum visits, consider creating a bucket list itinerary of all of the relevant museums in each region of your state that are of interest.

New York City boasts some of the world’s best museums, such as the Guggenheim, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Jewish Museum and Museum of Natural History. On your way up the state from there you could stop in Albany at the Institute of History and Art before continuing onto Adirondacks Hyde Collection Art Museum for an enjoyable day trip.

New York State’s history and culture can be witnessed through its many forts that still stand. New York was instrumental in several wars, particularly the Revolutionary War; add these battlegrounds to your itinerary for a unique cultural experience – stopping by lesser-known cities like Rome for a quick tour of Fort Stanwix for instance!

There is enough to explore in terms of museums, forts, and cultural relics in America to keep you busy for over a year! Keep in mind that some outdoor destinations only open seasonally so plan ahead when planning a winter excursion.


No matter if you come to New York because you love its four seasons or winter is an unpleasant reality that you must bear, there’s plenty to keep you occupied in wintertime in New York.

From hiking the great outdoors to unearthing centuries of history and culture, you can make the Empire State your own. Stay warm or take it easy as desired while still experiencing all its wonder.

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