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Former Williamson County Judge and Wife Fatally Shot in Georgetown

Georgetown, Texas was recently shaken by a tragic event which claimed Alfred “Burt” Carnes and Susan H. Carnes’ lives. This tragic loss sent shockwaves through the community, leaving many reeling with disbelief and sorrow as investigation unfolds into this heartbreaking event. As it does so, people grapple with its realities as well as potential implications on discussions surrounding mental health and family dynamics.

Who were Alfred and Susan Carnes?

Alfred “Burt” Carnes, a former judge in Williamson County, and Susan H. Carnes were well-respected members of Georgetown community who will be sorely missed following their sudden and tragic deaths. Alfred made invaluable contributions to legal community while Susan made many positive contributions through warm presence within community life.

Life was inextricably linked with Georgetown for this couple, who demonstrated a dedication to public service and community involvement. Their kindness, integrity, and positive impact on those they came in contact with made them beloved characters in Georgetown – meaning their sudden passing not only leaves personal mourning behind but is felt deeply throughout their community of residence.

What Happened to the Carneses?

Alfred and Susan Carnes’ tragic deaths were both shocking and heart-wrenching. On a Monday evening, both were discovered shot to death at their County Road 317 home with gunshot wounds – Williamson County Sheriff’s Office responded to a 911 call around 11:45 p.m. only to discover their lifeless bodies upon arriving on scene.

Seth B. Carnes, 45 years old and son of Alfred and Susan Carnes was arrested at the scene, according to law enforcement reports. When confronted by deputies as he left his residence he confessed to shooting two individuals he encountered as well as confessed his involvement. Seth Carnes has been charged with capital murder, and currently remains detained without bond while legal proceedings ensue.

This devastating tragedy has sent shockwaves through the community as residents struggle to come to terms with Alfred and Susan Carnes’ deaths. Investigators are currently probing into potential motives behind this shooting incident by probing into family dynamics as well as potential contributing factors.

How Did the Community Respond?

Alfred and Susan Carnes’ tragic deaths have sent shockwaves through Georgetown and its surroundings, prompting residents to express their shock, sadness, condolences and support to their family during this extremely trying time.

This incident has reignited conversations about mental health and familial dynamics, underscoring the importance of open dialogue and strong support systems within communities. While mourning the Carnes couple, greater attention has been brought to addressing such issues to avoid similar tragedies in future.

Losing Alfred and Susan Carnes has been both a personal and community tragedy, leaving its mark upon many in Georgetown. As we come to terms with this incident, their legacy and lessons from this tragedy will likely remain present within hearts and minds throughout Georgetown. Now united in grief, Georgetown faces the task of moving forward while keeping Alfred and Susan Carnes’ memories alive.

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