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Georgetown Double Homicide Ex-Judge and Wife Murdered, Son in Custody

Seth Bryan Carnes, 45, recently made headlines when he was arrested on capital murder charges following an alleged confession by him of shooting both of his parents, Alfred and Susan Carnes in their home. This article explores all aspects of this tragic case from arrest circumstances to background of involved individuals as well as community responses against this horrendous crime.

What Led to the Tragic Incident in Williamson County?

Late Monday evening in Williamson County’s serenity lay an event which would forever alter the Carnes family and community. Located at approximately 11:45 pm near Georgetown city limits on County Road 317 was Seth Bryan Carnes (45), who lived alone outside Georgetown city limits, who was arrested following a 911 call made by his 19-year-old daughter reporting her father had shot both grandparents.

Deputies encountered an upsetting scene upon their arrival: Seth Carnes emerged from his house with one hand raised, clutching an odd coffee mug and admitting he had “just killed his mother and father”. Officers discovered Alfred Carnes, 74, lifeless in the living room floor from gunshot wounds while Susan Carnes, also 74 years old, lay dead upstairs – compounding their heartbreak further.

Alfred Carnes was not only a family man but also an esteemed former judge in Williamson County 368th District Court, earning great respect among legal colleagues of his area. News of their deaths sent shockwaves through the community, prompting many questions as to their motives and circumstances leading up to such tragic circumstances.

How Did the Community React to the Carnes Family Tragedy?

News of Alfred “Burt” Carnes’ death sent shockwaves through Williamson County and legal and judicial circles, particularly within legal and judicial realms. Alfred was remembered as an invaluable public servant, while Susan Carnes is equally mourned as she remains part of both their family and community.

Williamson County Judge Bill Gravell issued a statement following Judge Carnes’s tragic passing that spoke of his commitment to public service and significant role within the justice system. These words resonated deeply within their local communities who knew him personally, reflecting the sense of loss felt across Williamson County.

Rick Cofer, an Austin criminal defense attorney, expressed the feelings of many in the legal community when speaking to CBS Austin about Judge Carnes. Cofer described him as being known for being “law and order,” yet still remembers him being thoughtful and kind – qualities which made him such a respected jurist in Central Texas.

The Carnes family tragedy has ripple effects far beyond immediate loss of life. It raises issues regarding family dynamics and mental health as well as wider ramifications on communities when one of their prominent figures meets an untimely end. As investigations unfold and conclusions come into view, community members grapple with these questions, seeking some sense of closure through understanding an inexplicable event that has profoundly shocked them all.

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