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Unlocking British content: Watch top Shows and movies Beyond the UK Borders

Prepare yourself for the so-called “glorious” world of British cinema – a realm supposedly extending beyond the clichés of Bond and bonnet dramas. Brace for a cinematic experience that ranges from laugh-out-loud comedies to heart-wrenching dramas, pulse-pounding thrillers to mind-bending sci-fi. Yes, British films offer a supposed kaleidoscope of storytelling that will allegedly transport you across time, genres, and emotions.

So, get ready to be ironically thrilled by a treasure trove that may or may not live up to its own hype. After all, who needs Bond when you can have a riveting drama about tea etiquette?

1. Ant & Dec Presents… Murder At Bigwig Manor (ITV)

Imagine Christmas at a posh country estate, Bigwig Manor, where ITV stars mingle like sugar plums in a boozy eggnog bowl. But the festivities take a nosedive when the owner winds up six feet under the mistletoe! Enter Ant & Dec, our comedic sleuths in tweed, ready to crack the case with all the finesse of a toddler with a glue stick. Suspects? Oh, honey, we got a gingerbread house full of them! The flamboyant chef with a temper hotter than his Christmas pudding? The nervous butler who knows everyone’s dirty laundry (and spills it like mulled wine)? Even the singing reindeer seem suspiciously shifty! As Ant & Dec stumble through clues like puppies in a yarn factory, their attempts at detective work are more slapstick than Sherlock. Think tripping over priceless antiques, mistaking red herrings for holiday snacks, and interrogations that sound more like carpool karaoke gone wrong.

But amidst the absurdity, they do unearth some juicy secrets, hidden motives, and enough twists to make your mince pie spin. Will they unmask the killer before the eggnog runs dry? Buckle up, dear viewer, for a sleigh ride of laughter, suspense, and a murder mystery as bonkers as a fruitcake on roller skates! So grab your popcorn, put on your PJs (because why not?), and settle in for Ant & Dec Presents… Murder at Bigwig Manor.

2. The Winter King (ITVX)

Buckle up, story seeker, for a tale of Britain in its wildest days! Imagine a land ravaged by Saxons, where a banished prince named Arthur, more badass than a boar in a tutu, returns to find a baby king on the throne. Sounds cutesy, right? Wrong! This kid’s Mordred, destined to be a right royal pain, and Arthur’s got his hands full keeping him safe. Enter Derfel, Arthur’s ride-or-die warrior with a penchant for falling in love with inconveniently betrothed ladies. Together, they navigate a battlefield of warring kingdoms, religious squabbles, and magical shenanigans (think Merlin, mind-blowing prophecies, and the occasional druid rave). Arthur, fueled by a thirst for unity and maybe a touch of Guinevere’s charm, tries to forge peace. But can a man born of war truly build a land of sunshine and rainbows? Or will betrayal, bloody battles, and maybe a dragon or two shatter his dreams like a dropped mead horn? The Winter King is where history gets its beard trimmed with a battleaxe! Stream it on ITV outside the US

3. Dessert Masters (Channel 4)

Ten sugar sorcerers, each with a whisk in one hand and a sprinkle of genius in the other, whip into the Dessert Masters kitchen! Think Willy Wonka’s wonderland with way more frosting. They’ll battle molten chocolate volcanoes, sculpt spun sugar clouds, and tame temperamental pastries, all for a sweet $100,000 prize. Judge Melissa Leong, queen of the taste buds, keeps them in line with fiery critiques and a side-eye that chills faster than ice cream. Amaury Guichon, the chocolate Michelangelo, throws in impossible challenges that make the audience drool and the contestants sweat.

Alliances crumble faster than a meringue cookie, tears flow like caramel, and friendships rise like soufflés (sometimes spectacularly, sometimes splattering on the floor). Who will rise to the top, their name etched on the coveted Dessert Masters trophy? Tune in for a sugar rush of drama, artistry, and enough delicious disasters to fill a whole bakery!

4. Harley Quinn (Channel 4)

Buckle up, puddin’! Harley Quinn’s Channel 4 escapades are wilder than a Joker-fied joyride on nitrous oxide. Picture this: Harley’s ditched the clown prince of crime, embraced girl power with Poison Ivy, and now she’s Gotham’s queenpin, juggling bad-guy cred with Bat-family grudges. Think Mean Girls meets The Godfather, with a sprinkle of chaos and a dash of exploding glitter bombs.

Lex Luthor, that bald buffoon with a chin like a deflated football, throws a wrench in their plans with a sun-blocking ozone machine. Gotham plunges into eternal twilight, and Ivy’s powers go haywire, leaving her a grumpy, de-powered vine monster. Harley, ever the ride-or-die, blasts off to the moon with her green goddess to punch Lex’s lights out and free the sun. Expect laugh-out-loud moments, girl-gang solidarity that would make Beyoncé proud, and enough explosions to make Michael Bay jealous. So, grab your popcorn, put on your craziest costume (think neon green and pigtails), and get ready for a season that’s as twisted and delicious as a Joker-flavored lollipop dipped in acid. Just remember, puddin’, with Harley Quinn, the only constant is chaos!

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5. Secrets & Power: China (Channel 4)

Buckle up for a spy thriller with a twist of dragon dumplings – Channel 4’s Secrets & Power: China is a real-life James Bond meets Dim Sum detective story. Imagine this: China’s not just sending fortune cookies, it’s sending spies, infiltrating British universities, and silencing dissidents like dumplings in a steamer.

Meanwhile, British politicians are caught in a web of influence, their back pockets suspiciously lined with yuan. The plot thickens like a pot of Sichuan sauce. We hear whispers of secret police, coded messages, and high-tech surveillance. There’s even a chilling scene where an activist vanishes, leaving only a trail of fear and unanswered questions. Can our intrepid reporters expose the truth before they become the next dim sum dish?

6.  Mamma Mia I Have A Dream (ITVX)

Forget dancing queens, it’s time for singing hopefuls! Picture Greece, sun-kissed and sparkly, but swap olives for microphones. Mamma Mia! Zoe Ball, our sequin-tastic host, welcomes the newbies. Think nervous warbles transformed into Abba-powered belters as they battle acting challenges, dance-offs hotter than Mamma Mia’s summer nights, and singalongs epic enough to wake Poseidon. Judges Alan Carr (think comedy chaos), Jessie Ware (pop queen sass), Samantha Barks (West End royalty), and Amber Riley (Glee’s powerhouse) hold the fate of these sequin aspirations in their disco-ball hands. Each week, dreams are dashed, friendships bloom (and maybe combust), and eliminations hit harder than a Donna Sheridan hairspray malfunction.

Through sun-drenched rehearsals, tearful goodbyes, and show stopping performances, one burning question dominates: who will wear those iconic white dungarees and belt out Thank You for the Music? Will the next Sophie steal the stage with her sunshine smile, or will Sky conquer it with vocal pyrotechnics that would make Donna proud? Get ready for backstage drama, unexpected twists, and enough Abba anthems to fuel a Mamma Mia marathon – all sprinkled with the irresistible heat of Grecian sunsets and the hope of making a West End dream come true. So grab your platform shoes, crank up Dancing Queen, and prepare to be dazzled by Mamma Mia! 

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