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Porky Bradberry Obituary and Cause of Death Tragic End for a Beloved Aiken Jeweler

The quaint town of Aiken, South Carolina, is reeling from the tragic news of the death of Swint E. “Porky” Bradberry Jr., a former jewelry store owner whose life came to an abrupt end under mysterious and concerning circumstances. This event has not only brought sorrow to the community but also revived memories of a past marked by both success and scandal.

Who was Porky Bradberry?

Swint E. “Porky” Bradberry Jr. was an esteemed figure in Aiken and best-known for owning Porky Bradberry Jewelry Store, originally established by his parents in New Ellenton in 1953 and relocated in 1963 to Laurens Street before expanding onto Whiskey Road over its six decades of operation. For many residents in Aiken who could afford such fine jewels as gold or diamond jewelry purchases it became their go-to store – another testament to Swint’s family devotion and dedication as they made purchases from them!

Bradberry’s journey in the jewelry business was more than just professional; it was also part of his legacy inherited from Swint and Elizabeth Bradberry. Under his stewardship, the store relocated and expanded under his guidance; this period marked tremendous growth and prosperity for Aiken under retail history as a whole. Upon retiring as store owner in 2020, however, a decision he made meant the end of an era – his contributions were invaluable both locally as well as to Aiken community life in general.

The Circumstances of His Untimely Death

Bradberry’s untimely death is both tragic and mysterious. Discovered dead at 8 a.m. at his Brookhaven Drive residence around 8 am by Aiken County Coroner Darryl Ables who noted blunt force injuries to the head – leading authorities to investigate his death as possible homicide; discovery was made following reports of possible break-in, further complicating matters and raising serious concerns for authorities involved.

Investigation into Bradberry’s death is being led by Aiken Department of Public Safety with Captain Marty Sawyer taking on an integral role. Participation by multiple agencies – State Law Enforcement Division, Aiken County Sheriff’s Office, Second Judicial Circuit Solicitor’s Office and ATF RAGE Task Force among them – highlights its high profile nature. Collective efforts aim to unravel Bradberry’s mysterious demise and bring closure for anguished community members.

A Life Marred by Controversy

Swint Bradberry Jr.’s life was not without controversy, with an especially traumatic chapter being his wife Linda’s sudden and tragic shooting death in 1982, leaving investigators and family baffled for months afterward. Following five years of investigation, all charges against Bradberry himself as well as three others accused were eventually dropped due to inconsistencies between witness accounts and findings from a State Law Enforcement Division reenactment that contradicted them.

This chapter of Bradberry’s life was the subject of much interest and speculation in Aiken. With regards to Linda Bradberry’s murder and accusations against Swint, this event created a cloud of mystery that persisted for years; even after charges against Swint were dropped they left many unanswered questions and left Aiken divided as it considered his innocence or guilt.

As the community of Aiken mourns the passing of one of its longtime residents and businessmen, Swint E. “Porky” Bradberry Jr. leaves an intricate legacy behind. His life was marked by success, controversy, and now tragedy; reflecting both life’s unpredictable path as well as its lasting impression.

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