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Top 10 Software Development Methodologies

Top 10 Software Development Methodologies

When it comes to software development methodologies, organizations have numerous choices like Agile, DevOps, Waterfall and Spiral that they must choose from when choosing the ideal one for them. If this guide helps you select an ideal software development methodology then this guide will do just that; here we will cover ten types of methodologies – each unique in its own way and which would best serve your software development process.

What Is a Software Development Methodology?

Software Development Methodology (SDM) is a framework used for organizing, planning and executing step-by-step processes during software development.

By following established software development methodologies, developers can ensure a standardized approach, best practices and guidelines are followed to develop software within budget and on time that fulfills expectations.

It’s a start to end blueprint that any software development company requires before building the software. 

There are various software development solutions used for building software, such as Agile, DevOps, Waterfall, Spiral, Lean etc. Each offers distinct properties and functionalities; therefore it is necessary to select the ideal approach for your software development project.

Top 10 Software Development Methodologies

Here are some best pick software development methodologies:

1. Agile Methodology

Agile is one of the most popular and preferred methodologies in software development. This is where a big project is divided into smaller phases and focuses on continuous collaboration and improvement based on user and customer feedback. In this method, a software development team identifies and sticks with one challenge and works together to resolve it in a given frame, then moves to the next challenge. That’s one type of software development methodology that software development companies use for the development process.

2. Waterfall Methodology

It is the most traditional way in the software development cycle. In this approach, there are a number of pre-defined phases that flow down at each stage, just like a waterfall. It’s a linear method where each stage must be completed before reaching the next stage, and no reversible changes can be made.

3. Extreme Programming Methodology

Extreme programming is an agile software development methodology. It is also known as XP methodology, and it’s mainly used for software development in unstable environments. It allows for bigger customization and flexibility during software development to keep software development costs lower, and changes can be made at any stage.

4. Spiral Development Model

The spiral model is another important type of software development methodology that is used to eliminate risk at the early stages of development. The spiral methodology includes four phases of software development: planning, risk analysis, engineering, and evaluation. Developers continuously pass these phases in a spiral or cycle, and after each pass, it aims to refine the software. It helps developers start on a small scale, explore the risk involved in the project, make a plan, and finally take the next step to resolve or proceed to the next step of the spiral.

5. Scrum Development

Scrum methodology can be implemented in any type of project. Mostly, the use of scrum development methodology happens for highly emerging and frequent changes in demand during software development. It is an easy-to-understand and efficient methodology for software development. So developers can do a series of iterations in a single flow for fast review and improving mistakes earlier.

6. Feature Driven Development

Feature Development (or FDD) methodology is mostly preferred by large organizations with multiple teams of members who are working on a single project using object-oriented technology. This methodology helps developers to make the goal simple, i.e., breaking down the software features list and then going through each feature in a series of iterations like planning, designing, and building. It is similar to the waterfall methodology, where it focuses on delivering software frequently and a client-centric approach best for a small team of developers.

7. Prototyping Methodology

Prototype methodology is used by developers to create a software prototype model that is ready to demonstrate its functionalities to clients or testing users. Using this methodology helps to make more improvements and modifications before releasing the final software. It’s a combination of an iterative system with a trial-and-error approach to build a functional prototype. It helps to build a prototype that can perform functionalities for clients, and developers use feedback to make changes. So, you need to look for the best software development company in USA and build your first prototype for demonstration.

8. DevOps Methodology

DevOps methodology is quite popular compared to other methodologies. It mainly focuses on development and operations where both areas of teams work together during the software development cycle, which leads to collaboration, communication, and automation. The primary use of DevOps is to speed up the software development process, automate repetitive tasks, and make the process efficient.

9. Rapid Application Development (RAD)

Rapid application development (RAD) is another popular software development methodology that is used to produce high-quality systems quickly at low investment costs. It has four phases, i.e., requirements planning, user design, construction, and cutover. This process gets repeated until the final product meets all the requirements. It’s not a type of methodology that follows a rigid plan; it mainly focuses on gathering and implementing feedback from users.

10. Dynamic Systems Development Model Methodology

It is originally based on RAD (Rapid application development) methodology, and its main aim is to deliver software on time and within budget. The dynamic system development method has only two main parts to focus on: strict time and an assigned budget. So developers use system development life cycle methodology to maintain these two areas efficiently and deliver software but are open to continuous feedback to make improvements.

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Q.1 Which type of methodology is best for software development?

Agile methodology is considered one of the best software development methodologies as compared to other ones.

Q.2 Is SDLC waterfall or agile?

Waterfall and Agile are both software development life cycle (SDLC) methodologies.

Q.3 Is Agile methodology better than waterfall?

Agile and waterfall are both used for project management methodologies. However, Agile is better than the waterfall approach because it’s used in those projects that have unclear constraints and close stakeholder involvement.

Q.4 What is the life cycle of SDLC?

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is a systematic process of planning, creating, testing, deploying, and maintaining software.

Wrapping Up!

These are the top 10 software development methodologies commonly utilized by developers when creating software. Each methodology offers its own specialties and purposes; you must determine which approach fits best with your software development, in order to achieve desired results. One of the major purposes of using these methodologies is to save time, effort, and resources, which makes the software development process more efficient and faster. We hope this guide helps you understand each methodology and which one is best fit for your software development project. Now, once you’ve finalized a software development methodology and are looking for a software development company, get in touch with DreamSoft4u experts and get the best solution today!

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