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Michael Nigris Cause Of Death And Obituary, What Happened To Oshawa Pawn Shop Employee?

Oshawa remains in mourning over Michael Nigris’s untimely and tragic death last March at 30. Durham Regional Police are actively hunting two suspects involved with this heinous crime which has left those who knew Nigris with a sense of loss and outrage. This article seeks to provide a comprehensive account of what occurred, their investigation progress and any lasting ramifications his death has had both personally and on society as a whole.

Who Was Michael Nigris?

Michael Nigris was beloved by his family, friends and coworkers alike; at 30 years old he worked at Cash Connections Pawn Shop where his dedication and kindness were well-regarded by those he met daily. Unfortunately his life was tragically cut short in an act of senseless violence.

Nigris was widely revered as an individual with integrity and warmth, leaving those who knew him deeply saddened by his passing. Det. Sgt. Brad Corner led the investigation into Nigris’s death and noted that nothing in Nigris’s personal or professional life indicated that he would become the target of violent act; adding another layer to mystery and sorrow surrounding his passing as it paints a portrait of an individual whose life was prematurely taken from them.

What Happened to Michael Nigris?

On March 30 at around 8:30 p.m., Durham Regional Police were alerted to a shooting at 245 King Street West in Oshawa where Michael Nigris, leaving work, was found with gunshot wounds to the head and later declared deceased by medical personnel on the scene. His tragic and sudden death has devastated his community and will live long in memory.

After the shooting, Oshawa police discovered a stolen black Ford F-150 Raptor which may have been linked to the killing on Dundee Avenue; however, none of its suspected suspects could be located. As part of an intensive investigation process they canvassed the area and reviewed hundreds of hours of video surveillance in their pursuit of justice.

Remembering Michael Nigris

Michael Nigris will long be remembered by family, friends, and colleagues as an “honest and hard-working individual”, whose untimely death has created not only profound sadness but also feelings of injustice and confusion due to its seemingly random nature.

Det. Sgt. Brad Corner has yet to uncover a motive for Nigris’s killing, extending the mystery and heartache associated with this case. Nigris lived an exceptional life marked by dedication to work and love shared among family and friends that stands in stark contrast with senseless violence that ended it all. While grieving, community members remain hopeful that justice will prevail against those responsible and that accountability will be served accordingly.

The Search for Suspects

Durham Regional Police have identified two suspects believed to be connected with Michael Nigris’ murder. One is believed to be wearing a dark-coloured hooded sweatshirt bearing a Puma emblem and black jogging pants with white lettering that reads ‘champion’; they may have fired the shots that killed Nigris; the second suspect with short twist-style hair may also be responsible. Both individuals are being sought in relation to this crime.

Police are appealing to the public’s help in identifying these individuals following months of investigation and gathering extensive video surveillance footage. Your involvement will ensure this tragic case comes to closure, with those responsible facing justice for taking Michael Nigris’s life being identified and brought before the courts.

Michael Nigris’ death has had an enormous effect on Oshawa community. His memory lives on in those who knew and loved him, while Durham Regional Police continue to search for those involved in his murder, in order to bring closure and justice for Michael Nigris and his loved ones.

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