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Harry Van Sciver Obituary Who was Harry Van Sciver? How Did Harry Van Sciver Die?

Harry W. Van Sciver, a prominent and revered figure in Beverly, passed away peacefully at his home, leaving behind a legacy marked by professional achievement, community involvement and personal fulfillment. Born in 1932, Harry’s rise from being just another resident to becoming such an esteemed figure is one of dedication, passion and commitment – this article explores various facets of Harry’s life, covering everything from professional achievements and community service activities to his passions that helped define him personally.

What Were Harry’s Professional Achievements?

Harry Van Sciver’s professional journey is an example of his devotion and skill. Graduating from Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania, he served for two years in the U.S. Army where he developed disciplined leadership that has served him throughout his life.

Harry began his banking career in 1958 at the First National Bank and Trust Company of Beverly, beginning as an assistant cashier. Through hard work and determination he quickly rose through the ranks to President and CEO by 1972 until its acquisition by another bank in 1984. Harry also displayed entrepreneurialism by owning and operating Dunes Hotel in Ship Bottom along with Margaret (deceased).

Harry’s achievements include founding Burlington County Bank in 1988 and acting as president and CEO until its sale to Bank of New Jersey in 1996, followed by becoming a fiduciary and financial consultant post-sale – all testament to his enduring commitment to financial service industry.

How Did Harry Contribute to His Community?

Harry’s contributions to his community were as significant as those he made professionally. He actively participated in many local organizations and initiatives, demonstrating an unwavering dedication to service and improving his surroundings.

Harry was an active member and past president of St. Mary’s Hall/Doane Academy’s Board of Trustees for over four decades, helping shape education in his region. Additionally, his commitment to his faith and community are evident from over four decades of Vestry membership at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church Vestry membership.

Harry’s leadership included numerous positions, such as president of the Beverly School Board, Burlington County Chamber of Commerce and New Jersey Bankers Association. Furthermore, his extensive contributions in education and history include roles such as trustee of Burlington County College Foundation and treasurer for Burlington County Historical Society respectively; in local governance capacities such as chairman of Beverly Planning/Zoning Board which attested to his commitment to building his community for future development.

What Were Harry’s Personal Interests and Family Life?

Harry Van Sciver was not simply a professional and community leader; he was also an enthusiastic personal interest enthusiast, passionate about family, hunting and sailing activities as well as nature-inspired interests that demonstrated his respect for its environment.

Harry’s respect for historical figures like Benjamin Franklin and Henry Charlton Beck was testament to his deep interest in history and literature, while his passion for Dixieland jazz, George Gershwin’s music and cultural icons like Jean Shepard and Jackie Gleason was evidence of an eclectic taste for entertainment.

Family was at the core of Harry’s life. He is survived by his three sons Harry, George and Chancellor as well as their families – including his granddaughters – as well as Dotty Webb as a loving companion – which highlights just how deeply-rooted Harry was in love, caring and familial bonds.

What Is Harry’s Legacy?

Harry W. Van Sciver leaves behind a multifaceted legacy in Beverly. His professional achievements, community service efforts, and personal life all come together to paint an indelible picture of an exceptional man who managed both professional success and human connections in equal measure. Harry serves as an example for how one can reach professional heights while remaining deeply committed to community involvement and nurturing personal passions and relationships simultaneously – his memory will live long in Beverly thanks to this lasting testament of love he left behind.

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