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Brooks Wester Smith Obituary What Happened to Brooks Wester Smith?

Brooks Wester Smith was an esteemed member of Edenton and an acclaimed Consultant Pharmacist when she passed away unexpectedly at 44. This loss left a huge void in our community; Brooks was proud of her heritage in Martin County and graduated from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with honor. This article commemorates Brooks’s life while honoring her legacy.

Who Was Brooks Wester Smith?

Brooks Wester Smith was an extraordinary individual known for both her intellect and compassion. Born October 4, 1979 in Martin County, Brooks was raised by Barry Donald and Anne Lovin Wester of Bath and attended an impressive educational journey before earning a doctorate degree from UNC Chapel Hill. Professionally she excelled as a Consultant Pharmacist for Polaris Pharmacy Services where her expertise and commitment to healthcare were clearly evident. But beyond professional success she also played an invaluable role in her community with commitment and care as an outstanding pillar.

Brooks was not only successful professionally; her deep faith was evidenced through her membership at Edenton Baptist Church. Unlike some churchgoers, her involvement wasn’t passive: She actively took part in many aspects of its activities while upholding values like compassion and community service. Brooks’ faith played a large part in who she was as well as how she behaved towards those around her.

What Was Her Impact on the Community?

Brooks Wester Smith had an immense and lasting effect on Edenton community. She was widely respected and revered, known for her kindness, intelligence, and commitment to helping others. At Edenton Baptist Church she went beyond attendance; she actively participated in activities including those focused on youth ministry. Brooks’ dedication to faith and service made her an exemplary role model and inspiration to many both within her congregation as well as outside it.

Losing such an energetic individual has left a noticeable gap in our community, so to honor her memory Brooks’s family has invited friends to gather on Saturday, January 13th in the fellowship hall at Edenton Baptist Church for a gathering honoring both her life and impactful legacy on those she touched during her lifetime. It will serve both to mourn as well as commemorate what we can take from it: love and respect accumulated during her time on Earth, while providing an opportunity for us all to come together in her memory.

How Will She Be Remembered?

Brooks Wester Smith will be fondly remembered by her children, husband Tim Smith and extended family as an incredible mother and caring professional who served her faith devoutly. She leaves twin daughters Lily Kate and Emily Page as well as sons Adrien Alexander Wester and Grayson Wester as a lasting testament to her loving motherly role, not to mention being the source of endless support to all she knew including brother Jeremy Travis Wester (wife, Jenny). Her presence will forever remain remembered with love in Williamston by all.

Donations in memory of Brooks may be made to Edenton Baptist Church, Missions with Youth Fund or Tri-County Animal Shelter & Adoption Center – causes that reflect her passions and values such as religious devotion, child welfare and animal care. Through such gifts her spirit of generosity and kindness will continue to make an impactful difference within her beloved community of Edenton.

Brooks Wester Smith was an inspiration in terms of professional accomplishment, spiritual devotion, and familial love. Her untimely death is an immense loss for Edenton’s community as she will be deeply missed; however her legacy will live on through family, work, and charity she supported; community gatherings and memorial contributions serve as fitting tributes for a life lived well with purpose, love, faith. Brooks Wester Smith will remain part of Edenton for generations to come, inspiring future generations with her dedication to service, faith, and family values.

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