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Lorenzo Lamas Ex Wife Who are Lorenzo Lamas 6 wives?

Lorenzo Lamas, one of Hollywood’s premier actors and actors, is also widely celebrated for his turbulent romantic life and five marriages over six marriages he’s had thus far. This article delves deep into these relationships by chronicling Lorenzo’s women of interest in his personal journey – such as their stories behind these relationships as well as what led up to these unions in the first place!

Who Was Lorenzo’s First Love?

Lorenzo Lamas made his first foray into matrimony when he married Victoria Hilbert, an actress he shared a screen with in “Falcon Crest.” Their romance began possibly due to their professional background; quickly turning into love before marrying in 1981 before quickly disbanding thereafter in 1982 due to young love’s fickle nature; with no children born from it and leaving no lasting marks behind it in terms of public perception or legacy.

Michele Smith: A Turning Point?

Lamas did not allow his first marriage’s dissolution to deter him from finding love again and Michele Cathy Smith, his publicist at that time, became his second wife in 1983. Although this short-lived union brought two children into Lamas’s life and increased his responsibility as a father; unfortunately however, due to differences and challenges within it ultimately resulted in its termination in 1985; leaving behind not just an end of an important marital bond but also beginning an emotional period filled with custody battles reflecting personal strife within public life balance issues for many in Lamas himself as an individual and public figure!

What About Kathleen Kinmont?

Kathleen Kinmont made an entrance in Lamas’s life script marked by both drama and romance, beginning before Lamas entered into his second marriage and lasting into 1989 as they enjoyed an emotionally turbulent romance characterized by complications related to young love as well as Lamas’s flirtatious nature. Although these challenges made things challenging at first, eventually this fairy-like union came to pass; though as with so many Hollywood stories it unfortunately ended without children joining Lamas’s family unit.

Shauna Sand: A New Chapter

After his divorce from Kinmont, Lamas fell deeply in love with Shauna Sand a Playboy Playmate and married in 1996 despite an age difference and three daughters being brought into this relationship by Shauna’s presence. Unfortunately though this marriage, which endured until 2002 with allegations of violence and an eventual restraining order being placed upon her by Shauna ended due to allegations and issues. Lamas experienced both love lost as well as all its accompanying challenges from having an age difference between him and Shauna which are present throughout this chapter in Lamas’s life.

Shawna Craig: The Fifth Attempt

Lamas’s marriage to Shawna Craig represented another attempt at marital bliss. Though their 2011 wedding came despite significant age gaps between them, Lamas believed in love throughout this chapter of his life; nevertheless, their 2018 divorce without children served as evidence that Lamas continued his search for companionship while also exploring modern relationship dynamics that may define modern relationships.

Who Will Be The Sixth Mrs. Lamas?

As Lamas embarks on his sixth marital journey with Kenna Nicole Scott, one can’t help but question whether this union marks an endpoint to his search for lasting love. Their engagement marks an optimistic beginning that may eventually provide Lamas with lasting stability and long-term fulfillment.

Much like his career, Lorenzo Lamas’ romantic life has been marked by numerous highs and lows; love found and lost. Each marriage marked another chapter, reflecting different stages in his life; now as Lorenzo embarks upon yet another narrative with Kenna Nicole Scott we look forward to witnessing how this new chapter plays out within Lorenzo Lamas’ legacy.

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