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Craig Sjodin Bicycle Accident Who Was Craig Oliver Sjodin? What Happened to Craig Sjodin Bicycle?

Westlake Village and Geneva residents are mourning the sudden and shocking passing of Craig Oliver Sjodin at just 67 years old, due to a bicycle accident on September 15, 2023. Craig will forever remain remembered fondly amongst his family, friends and colleagues not just for his professional achievements but for all that joyousness he brought into their lives.

Who Was Craig Oliver Sjodin?

Craig Oliver Sjodin was an Evanston, Illinois-native born October 26th 1955 who went on to hone many talents throughout his life. Dedicating 39 years to ABC TV (later Disney) still photography as still photographer was among his passions; particularly those associated with “The Bachelor” franchise where his photographs of contestants holding roses became iconic among viewers worldwide and became staples for viewers everywhere. Craig made history each season he photographed them, showing his artistic abilities with each passing one season – becoming iconic among viewers everywhere who watched as well.

Retiring only months prior to his tragic accident, Craig planned on exploring the world with his family after retiring – traveling back through places encountered during his impressive career and enjoying new experiences along the way. Retirement for Craig marked an opportunity for exciting adventures ahead as it showed his zest for living and remaining dreams to fulfill; unfortunately his tragic accident serves as a tragic reminder that life and fate cannot always be predicted or controlled.

What Was His Impact on the Community?

Craig Rickey made an indelible mark on his community. An avid bicyclist known for his adventurous spirit and clocking hundreds of miles each week on two wheels. Not only was cycling his personal hobby; he used cycling as an avenue to connect with family and friends like Brenda and Dave Rickey through it as well. Craig found great pleasure riding throughout San Diego County, Westlake Village and Geneva trails during his cycling adventures.

Craig was not only recognized for his professional achievements and athletic prowess; his sense of humor, infectious laughter, and youthful energy at age 67 made him a joy to be around. His family remembers fondly his thirst for Arnold Palmer drinks during long bike rides or his exuberant energy at marathon pickleball sessions; all memories that make his loss all the more poignant.

How is His Family Coping?

Craig’s sudden passing has profoundly devastated his family, leaving them reeling with sorrow. Esther Bekhore Sjodin and son Ryan along with Craig’s siblings have struggled to accept his absence while cherishing memories of an individual who provided so much more than mere family support – such as happiness, laughter and affection.

As they mourn his passing, family and friends come together in support of each other as they draw strength from one another’s generosity of spirit. Days following Craig’s accident saw an outpouring of affection from loved ones as people came rushing to his side during his final days at Los Robles Hospital and Medical Center to comfort him during what will always remain fond memories for everyone involved in his life. Craig leaves an incredible legacy behind that continues even now through this outpouring.

Craig Oliver Sjodin led an extraordinary life, full of professional success, personal passions and strong familial ties. His tragic passing leaves not only immediate family grieving deeply for their loss; all who knew and appreciated Craig as an active, vibrant individual will remember him fondly for being lively with an unbridled passion for adventure – as will everyone in his extended community who knew and respected him as someone special. Craig will forever remain remembered with joy by everyone fortunate enough to meet him during his short yet extraordinary existence.

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