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How a Personal Injury Lawyer Will Assist in Winning Fair Compensation

Personal injury lawyers play a vital role in winning fair compensation for victims. Though recovery of damages may still be possible without legal intervention, their assistance will ensure adequate reimbursement of losses sustained from injuries suffered by clients.

The chances of accepting a lowball offer are high when the victim doesn’t have a lawyer. If you want fair personal injury compensation, you must hire a lawyer.

This blog post discusses how legal help will assist victims to secure fair compensation for injuries suffered in accidents. Please continue reading!

Investigation and Evidence Gathering

Investigative work is key to winning personal injury cases and should always begin at step one of a case. Proper investigations help build stronger cases.

Personal injury attorneys generally have connections with private investigators who specialize in conducting thorough investigations and gathering evidence.

They will collect evidence like:

  • Photos and videos of the accident scene, damage to the property, and your injuries
  • Proof of your expenses like medical bills, property repair bills, and home readjustment costs
  • Witness testimonies

The evidence they collect will play a huge role in proving negligence.

Determining Liability

You need to know who is responsible for the accident. Who would you sue if you don’t know who caused the accident?

Determining liability is possible through investigation.

Whoever you sue must owe you a duty of care that they violated, including infringing your privacy rights.

Evidence must be submitted in order to prove someone’s negligence.

The victim will not be aware of the things they need to do to determine liability. Every case will have its own set of usual suspects. A lawyer will know the potential liable parties in a case and can easily find out who is responsible for the accident. 

Accurate Calculation of Your Losses

An inaccurate calculation could result in only partial compensation being secured, leaving gaps for losses to remain. Calculating losses requires taking into account current financial losses, anticipated future losses and non-economic damages.

A lawyer can do this without any hassle. 

They will consider all types of financial losses you will experience in the present and future. 

For calculating non-economic losses, they will use one of the following methods:

  • Per-diem method – An amount will be fixed for every day. You will get this amount until you recover completely.
  • Multiplier Method – With this approach, a value between 1.5 and 5 will be assigned as multiplier value and then applied to your total economic loss to determine noneconomic losses.

Negotiate with the Insurance Company

Negotiations is often the hardest and most complex part of filing for personal injuries. Insurance adjusters might make offers which don’t even come close to covering your medical costs.

Insurance adjusters are experts at negotiation. When hiring one to represent you in court proceedings, be wary – insurance adjusters know exactly how best to reduce compensation payments as much as possible.

Without representation on your side, even you will likely become convinced that no compensation should be offered to you. They are that good.

A lawyer is the only person who can handle an insurance adjuster. They know how insurance companies work and can counter their arguments easily.

Representation in Court

Rarely, your case might end up before a judge. But most personal injury suits settle out-of-court; approximately 96%.

In such instances, your lawyer will represent you before the court.

Always hire a lawyer with trial experience – even though your case might not end up before a judge, it is better to be safe than sorry!

Final Thoughts

No one can match what personal injury attorneys bring to the table; their contribution in helping people seek fair compensation from insurers cannot be underestimated. Furthermore, personal injury lawyers shield victims of accidents against unfair compensation practices from insurers.

If you have been wronged due to negligence, do yourself a favour and hire a lawyer immediately – they’ll ensure the compensation that’s due is collected while you focus on recovery.

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