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10-Year-Old Lazar LaPenna, Fights Epilepsy, Passes Away During A Little League Match

Lazar LaPenna’s tragic passing during a Little League game last Sunday left Long Islanders reeling, as his untimely demise left an indelible mark of sorrow on those he knew and his community. Lazar was known for his lively personality and love of baseball; even while living with epilepsy for some time. Although Lazar’s zest for life and sports never wained; instead it only increased. Lazar was known to celebrate birthdays like any other child his age, making life memorable experiences unforgettable for those lucky enough to know him well – leaving an indelible mark that will stay with those he knew him and those whose hearts remain heavy with grief and memories of our collective.

What Happened during a Little League Game?

mes Tragically, tragedy struck during Lazar’s first game of the season when, while running to first base, she experienced a seizure, caused by epilepsy complications. Tragically this incident happened right in front of his father Gregg LaPenna – both as an eager supporter and coach of her son’s Little League team – as Lazar was being run to first. This sudden event has brought shock and grief throughout the community due to the unpredictable nature of epilepsy’s effects on lives everywhere involved – something epilepsy often shows.

How Has the Long Island Community Responded to This Tragedy?

In response to this heartbreaking incident, Long Island has shown extraordinary solidarity and empathy. Recognizing the tremendous pain being endured by LaPenna family members, residents, friends, and members of local sports community all came together in support and condolence. A symbolic act was undertaken with placing a baseball bat outside St Ignatius Martyr Church which not only honored Lazar’s love of baseball but also provided a focal point for collective mourning and rememberance of his passing.

What Can Lazar’s Story Reveal About Living with Epilepsy?

Lazar’s tale sheds light on the realities faced by individuals living with epilepsy. Yet despite his condition, Lazar enjoyed participating actively in sports like baseball while living a full and meaningful life; serving as an inspiring reminder that chronic conditions don’t need to limit our potential as individuals – yet his sudden passing underscores its unpredictable and often severe nature, calling for increased awareness and understanding about epilepsy.

How Can We Support Families Affected by Similar Tragedies?

The outpouring of support shown to the LaPenna family provides an example for community response in times of tragedy. Support for similar losses can come in many forms – emotional support and practical help can all come into play, from attending memorial events for lost loved ones to raising awareness about conditions like epilepsy that led to Lazar’s tragedy – fundraisers, awareness campaigns, and memorial events are all ways that support can be provided while increasing understanding.

What Are the Next Steps for LaPenna Family and Community?

Now that the LaPenna family and the Long Island community have come through this period of mourning, healing and remembering may begin in earnest. Private reflection may occur within family units while public tributes honor Lazar’s life are planned by his family members; tributes may also take place. Community support through acts of kindness may continue while initiatives honoring Lazar such as scholarship funds or memorial baseball tournaments may surface as ways of paying tribute to his memory while remembering Lazar’s memory as a way of commemorating his life and passion for baseball may emerge in an effort to commemorate his memory as well.


Lazar LaPenna’s death serves as a poignant reminder of life’s fragility, as well as of the profound effect one person can have on a community. We should take note of his passion for baseball and battle with epilepsy; remembering Lazar through support and remembrance helps honor his memory while strengthening bonds that bring us together during difficult times. Our hearts go out to his family as well as all who mourn his irreplaceable loss. Our deepest condolences go out to all involved.

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