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Why Choose Small Pitch LED Display for Traffic monitoring command center?

Information visualization is the main purpose of today’s traffic monitoring and command centers. In order to improve its traffic management level, improve emergency command and daily management efficiency, strengthen dynamic management and control, and truly meet the requirements of actual business operations, ultra-high-definition and high refresh rate small-pitch LEDs displays for monitoring center have gradually become a trend in recent years.

Small-pitch LED displays satisfies the efficient display and multi-person monitoring of the daily work of the traffic monitoring and command center, and helps people to make scientific decisions with greater efficiency and quality. So what factors need to be considered when buy them from small pixel pitch LED display suppliers?

High resolution and high contrast

Compared with common DLP splicing screens, the small-pitch LED display can achieve ultra-high refresh rate, ultra-wide viewing angle, cabinet resolution, point-to-point connection, high-definition seamless splicing of the overall picture, accurate image response, no delay, and uniform bright colors, eliminate dimming and ghosting, and effectively realize the centralized display and application of various traffic data.

High reliability

1) Effectively eliminate underlying signal transmission failures, reduce the probability of transmission failures, and reduce the overall failure rate;

2) After professional certification and strict engineering testing, the system operates stably and reliably 24/7 and ensures information security.

High stability

The installation structure is not affected by external factors, and the screen assembly is fast, efficient, overall stable and easy to maintain. It has real-time error detection function and comprehensive protection functions to solve high-frequency LED display maintenance problems.

Energy saving and environmental protection

1) It adopts environmentally friendly high-strength metal casing cabinet and does not contain harmful substances such as lead and mercury;

2) Cooling and silent operation, long equipment life, low power consumption, creating a safe and quiet working environment.

Signal Diversity

It has the ability to process analog signals, digital signals and network signals at the same time. The display system needs to provide real-time and accurate information and communication services, summarize the micro-information of urban traffic into macro-information at the urban traffic level, and accurately and directly convey instructions to the front line of traffic instructions.

System Intensiveness

System-level equipment, with a high degree of integration, has decoding, splicing, and display functions.

High awareness

Large creative flexible LED display has a wide range of applications, and users have a high level of awareness, making it easier to operate and use.


These control room small-pitch LED displays meet the needs of efficient display and multi-person monitoring of the daily work of the traffic monitoring and command center, and help the traffic monitoring and command center to make scientific decisions with greater efficiency and quality. At present, small-pitch LED display have been applied to traffic monitoring and command centers in the world.


What is Small Pixel Pitch LED display?

Small pixel LED display refers to the distance between module lamps is less than P2.5. Its obvious characteristics are that the pitch is small, the unit module more pixels, and the picture will be clearer and more delicate. The cob LED display has a pitch of less than 1.0mm. The result of the smaller pitch is of course a better display.

What is the difference between cob LED display and small pixel LED display?

The production process of SMD packaged LED display is relatively complicated, including patching, virtual soldering, etc., while COB directly packages the light-emitting chip on the PCB board. The difference in packaging technology makes the cob display more reliable, faster in heat dissipation, and longer in life. Moreover, the small pitch LED display is point-emitting, and there is no “surface” light source in the COB LED display to emit high quality. The COB LED display can effectively suppress moiré patterns, and viewers can watch it at close range for a long time without hurting their eyes, and the user experience is better.

In addition to the above, the cob LED display also has great advantages in terms of protection level. The cob packaging process completely seals the device on the PCB board, and the device is not exposed. When human touch, transportation collision, installation bump, etc. occur, the LED display will not be damaged.. However, SMD small pixel LED display do not have such conditions, and the losses caused by this are very careful but difficult to control.

All in all, the difference between cob LED display and small pitch LED display is that cob is better than SMD LED display in terms of display, protection and durability. But price of COB LED display will higher. Therefore, when choosing an small pixel pitch LED display, you mus choose according to your needs.

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