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Feyi Daniels Wife, Age, Family, Kids, Biography, and Net Worth

Feyi Daniels stands out in both faith and leadership circles with his profound impact. Renowned for his spiritual insights and leadership acumen, Daniels stands as an emblem of hope and transformation – his journey not simply focused on religion alone but reaching people across multiple channels of society.

Feyi Daniels (born Danels Oluwafeyiropo), known for his teachings as teacher-author-prophet, has made an indelible mark as teacher, author, and prophet. iReign Global (under his leadership), an international Christian ministry has flourished internationally to spread empowering and spiritual growth messages worldwide.

Feyi Daniels Has Influenced Education and Business

Feyi Daniels holds esteemed positions within both education and business sectors. As principal of Kings Academy – an establishment dedicated to mission work – Daniels plays an instrumental role in cultivating future spiritual and societal leaders, while as chancellor of Evolve Business School Daniels blends spiritual wisdom with practical training for business success in today’s modern environment.

Feyi Daniels was born May 6, in Gbolade Adebanjo, Opebi, Nigeria to Christian parents, where he developed strong religious convictions at an early age. Later pursuing higher education at University of Lagos for accounting studies where he graduated with honors. Subsequently earning both master of business administration degree as well.

Feyi Daniels began his spiritual journey after years as a successful business consultant working for notable entities like Chevron and Skye Bank. Yet even amid this success he experienced an overwhelming divine calling to dedicate himself fully to ministry work; thus in 2006, in response to this calling he established iReign Global with a goal to raise a generation to reign as both kings and priests in life.

Feyi Daniels’ contribution to education and business training can be seen through his founding of Gnosis Business School, now Evolve Business School, which equips individuals with essential business and leadership skills by merging spiritual principles with pragmatic business strategies. Later that same year he expanded this reach further with King’s Academy focusing on prophetic training.

What Makes Feyi Daniels Such an Esteemed Author and Speaker?

Daniels has earned immense respect as both an author and speaker through impactful works like The Dominion Mandate” and The Power of Vision,” which reflect his deep grasp of spiritual principles as they pertain to everyday living. Furthermore, his clarity in proclaiming God’s word have made him sought-after speaker at various international forums.

What Are Feyi Daniels’ Prophetic Services Like?

Feyi Daniels is widely revered for his precise and timely prophetic insights, evidenced through “The Prophetic Hour.” His ministry has provided direction, confirmation and breakthrough for many and underlined the power of prophetic words even today.

How Wide-Reaching Is Feyi Daniels’ Global Ministry?

Bishop Feyi Daniels has an international ministry. His extensive travels include preaching and teaching in nations as diverse as Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana and Kenya – underscoring his universal appeal and relevance of his message.

Feyi Daniels enjoys an idyllic family life alongside Pastor Awele Feyi-Daniels, his life and ministry partner. Together they share two sons – Daniel and David – as living proof of their devotion to faith and family values. From Lagos in Nigeria they both manage iReign Global together.

What Is Feyi Daniels’ Net Worth?

Feyi Daniels’ estimated net worth lies somewhere between $1 Million and $5 Million due to his successful ventures in ministry, education and business. This financial standing can be traced to his successful endeavors within these industries.

Feyi Daniels’ life and work is an inspiring tapestry of faith, leadership and transformative impact. From business consultant to revered spiritual leader and educator is testament to a life lived with purpose and service; while his various roles continue to inspire many throughout his lifetime. Feyi Daniels remains an indispensable pillar in faith education leadership circles today.

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