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Why Is Dubai The Best City To Purchase Posh Residences

Dubai offers an unforgettable lifestyle experience and boasts a world-renowned real estate market that presents investors with numerous investment opportunities. People from all over the world with high worth prefer to be part of this amazingly growing real estate market. It is an ideal destination to invest in and buy homes. 

To know the reasons; why Dubai is the best city to purchase properties or invest in this investment hub, there are different factors to consider. In this blog we have highlighted the factors that determine Dubai City in the world as the best place to purchase property or invest in the real estate market. 

Top 12 Reasons To Buy Posh Residences In Dubai 

If you are interested in adopting residency in Dubai and want to know the reasons why Dubai is the best city to purchase posh residences. Here are the main reasons to buy posh residences in Dubai:

High Rise Structure 

Dubai is world renowned for its iconic high-rise structures which reflect their city. Utilizing modern technology and infrastructure while designing stunning skyscrapers that stand out worldwide has long been part of Dubai tradition – Burj Khalifa being its signature symbol and tourist attraction, alongside Burj Al Arab Tower and Cayan Tower are other high-rise structures worth seeing in Dubai. These tallest buildings not only represent the heights but are surrounded by the top-notch facilities of life and are considered the top gated residential and commercial buildings. 

Contemporary Architecture

The buildings in Dubai are a unique blend of contemporary architecture. Global renowned developers like Emaar Properties, DAMAC, Nakheel, Meraas, and Aldar develop these unique architectural masterpieces. The architecture represents the developers’ commitment to building the best structures and making Dubai the world’s best city. 

World-Class Shopping Centers

Dubai is known for being a mecca for shopping lovers. Home of one of the World’s largest malls – The Dubai Mall located within Downtown Dubai, its popularity among shoppers cannot be denied! People from all over the world visit Dubai for shopping. The world-class brands and their outlets are there. You can enjoy the elite class standards in every aspect of life in Dubai. Dubai is also famous for its gold investment. Prospective investors from around the globe are interested in living in the city of gold – Dubai.

Tax-Free Environment 

One of the top advantages of purchasing luxury residences in Dubai is tax benefits. Nowhere else offers more tax breaks to real estate investors than Dubai does; therefore owners in its real estate market do not pay taxes on their property ownership. A tax-free environment attracts most investors and due to this reason Dubai’s real estate market is evolving rapidly. 

Safe And Stable City

Dubai is one of the safest cities in the world. It gives exceptional security to its residents. From the security point of view, each community of Dubai is an ideal place for families and kids. Parents do not need to worry about the safety of their children, kids can play and enjoy healthy activities in different recreational parks. There is a properly managed security system and 24-hour CCTV security system at every location and building in Dubai.  

Tourist Destination

Dubai boasts many remarkable, amazing, and internationally recognized tourist attractions that draw millions of visitors each year from across the world. This vibrant city blends natural beauty with human art.

Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building is one of the main tourist draws for visiting Dubai, while other popular locations such as its world-class dancing fountain, miracle garden and Dubai Mall also hold considerable appeal for travelers. Buying posh properties can be beneficial, as an investor you can resale this property or even use it for commercial properties in tourist hubs. 

High Rental Yields 

Dubai is an excellent investment choice if you want to realize high rental yields, with rental properties being in high demand due to an increasing population and foreigner expat population. Most expats or foreigners prefer renting apartments. So investing in Dubai as an apartment owner and then leasing it out will become your source of passive income. Dubai has recently become more touristic so there is more demand for short term rental properties here as a tourist destination.

Affordable Property Prices 

Dubai may be known for offering luxurious living standards; however, some areas in Dubai provide affordable properties with similar standards at more reasonable property prices and state-of-the-art facilities that provide for more comfort and luxurious lifestyles. Top rated areas offer property prices within reach, and boast top schools, nurseries, hospitals, fitness centers shopping malls grocery stores allowing residents to live wonderful lives full of top services and facilities

High Returns Investment

Dubai has multiple options for investment. You can invest your income and easily earn high returns. Whether you are investing for the first time or you are a seasonal investor, Dubai offers plenty of investment opportunities.  Real Estate Investment. Stocks, National Bonds, Mutual funds, Gold investment, and Cryptocurrency are some of the top investment opportunities from which you can enjoy high returns and more profits with even lower investment in hand.

Availability Of Freehold Properties 

Dubai pays some attention to foreigners or expats; the increasing population of foreigners plays a vital role in the economic development of the city. UAE introduced numerous strategies designed to ease and facilitate foreigner living conditions in UAE. For instance, Dubai permitted foreigners or expats living outside Dubai to become owners of real estate properties in 2001 – this allowed foreigners or expats living elsewhere to call Dubai home as they can now own real estate there if desired and call their new property home as well. There are certain areas within Dubai designated for freehold properties known as Freehold Areas within Dubai where these homes may be bought outright by them as homes they can call “theirs”!

Easy To Buy

Buying a real estate property seems to be hectic and tough to perform, you need thorough research, many steps to follow, and much time to complete the procedure. In Dubai buying a property is an easy and sophisticated process, there are proper legal steps to follow, and if you properly follow these steps, you can easily buy the properties without any hassle. Many professional and experienced property advisors in Dubai can guide you in a better way and make this process easier for you.

Progressive Economic Growth 

Over the past decades, Dubai has experienced remarkable economic expansion. As it has developed as a financial center and progress within its economy continues to attract investors who wish to establish or reside there, investing and taking residency have all seen tremendous gains here. 

Best Areas In Dubai To Purchase Posh Residences

Here is the list of the best areas in Dubai to purchase posh residences: 

  1. Downtown Dubai 
  2. Dubai Marina 
  3. Palm Jumeirah 
  4. Emirates Hills 
  5. Jumeirah Village Circle 
  6. Dubai Hills Estate 
  7. Arabian Ranches
  8. Jumeirah Golf Estate 
  9. Umm Suqeim 
  10. Damac Hills

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