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How to Throw the Best Escape Room Birthday Party?

Want the best birthday celebration this year? Escape rooms are exciting and memorable for all your guests. They may create an amazing bonding experience and unexpected laughter and surprises! This tutorial covers how to throw a successful birthday party in a local escape room. You can plan the perfect party for everyone who wants something unique adult activities near me for their big day with these recommendations!

  1. Determine your topic and write riddles and puzzles

Choose your escape room first. This process involves creating riddles and puzzles that fit your topic. Choose a theme that appeals to your birthday boy or girl. If you know the escape room is for a dinosaur lover, include dinosaur puzzles. Why not leap scares for a frightening movie junkie? Don’t make it so terrifying that people cry! It takes time to create riddles. You should think about this, but don’t obsess over details. Accept some riddles and save them if they sound nice. You may spend days or weeks matching riddles and puzzles. Instead, emphasize enjoyment and engagement. You can proceed after finding some intriguing ideas. Naturally, you don’t want to burn out on the first step. You should also pick the size of your escape room now. Ask yourself how long the escape room should take and how difficult it will be for the birthday party guests. Alternative: download a pre-made escape room kit to save time for the next phases. Use what works for you. 

  1. Create entertaining party snacks and appetizers.

It may be less visible, but meals fit your concept. If your escape room is creepy, put a spider on the birthday cake or have guests fish grape eyes out of a bowl. Cups, plates, and other serving items should complement the theme. This may seem like a little detail, but paying attention to it will keep your birthday party attendees involved in your escape room. Customizing sandwiches, cupcakes, and cookies with your caterer or baker is simple. Though it may not stand out as much as the rest of your escape room, guests will notice your unique snacks and party dishes. Paradoxically, amazing details function best when we don’t notice them. We see them even if we don’t say anything.

  1. Decorate to make the room enjoyable and realistic.

Your escape room decorations depend on your topic. Remember the dinosaur escape room: you would include dinosaur toys like imitation dinosaur eggs and claws. However, a plasma globe and lab equipment might enhance a futuristic escape room. Decorate your escape chamber. What looks best and sets the mood is up to you. To make the escape room more disturbing, use candles or covered lamps. For something unearthly, get colorful lightbulbs or lamp filters. Music will also help. If your escape room is cryptic, wear something sluggish; if exhilarating, wear something rapid. The topic always explains these choices.

  1. Send invites

Invite participants once your escape room is ready. Remember that invitations are the first detail, therefore they should stand out. This birthday party escape room invitation should be enticing. They should feel they can’t miss your escape room from the work put into it. Create digital invites and send them over social media. For a vintage look, use a post office. Include where, when, and what costumes everyone should wear. Whether you escape or not, your birthday party attendees will never forget your birthday boy or girl.

  1. The escape room should be pleasant but not too big.

The finest escape rooms let you look around without moving. Choosing the largest space in your home may make the escape room overpowering, so select a smaller area. Your escape room plan should fit your environment. Anything that makes the game overly hard or easy should be avoided. Also, make sure the room you choose is clean. Even if you use some of the room’s contents in the escape room, you don’t want your birthday party guests to trip over themselves attempting to find each clue. On the contrary, everyone should travel freely and easily. You shouldn’t tiptoe around this escape room.


After conquering the room, take a group shot. It’s not often you get to play detective or adventure with pals, making for a memorable birthday party! Ready to party? Browse birthday celebration places near me near me to discover the right one for your party!

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