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Eileen Sheahan Obituary & Died, At 78 Years Old When He Died!

Eileen Sheahan Levins was an esteemed resident of Oak Ridge and passed away at age 78 on March 15, 2018. Born August 18th 1939 to Dick and Pricilla Yasunas of Binghamton New York, her life was one filled with devotion to faith, family, and community – her journey taking her from Binghamton all the way through Oak Ridge where she became deeply involved with both local parish activities as well as various civic endeavors.

How Did Eileen Contribute to Her Community?

Eileen was an active member of St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Oak Ridge and made a significant impactful contribution through numerous ministries she participated in – not just regular attendance – that enhanced parish life significantly. Her commitment extended far beyond church walls, as she actively took part in numerous local events and initiatives which all demonstrated her dedication and demonstrated it with an unshakeable dedication that resonated throughout Oak Ridge and beyond.

What Were Eileen’s Interests and Passions?

Eileen held strong passions for arts, travel, and history – not simply as hobbies; these interests were integral parts of her life that informed both her actions and interactions with people from diverse walks of life. She often participated in community arts programs or discussed historical topics based on these interests – giving Eileen greater depth as an individual while connecting her to new communities across her lifetime.

What Was Eileen’s Role in Her Family?

Eileen played an invaluable role in her family as both wife and support. She was the beloved wife of William P. Levins, an exceptional stepmother to David M. Levins and Theresa Levins Dietz, an esteemed sister-in-law to Richard Sheahan, as well as being beloved aunts to three nieces – an essential foundation that provided unconditional love, guidance, and assistance throughout. Her contribution went far beyond simply having titles; she served as a cornerstone by providing love, guidance, support, guidance, and assistance throughout.

What Impact Did Eileen Have on Her Surroundings?

Eileen left an indelible mark on those she met through her kindness, generosity, and service – creating a ripple of positivity throughout Oak Ridge and beyond. Those who knew her describe a woman whose presence brought joy while her actions inspired others to be better. Her death left an irreparable loss; yet her legacy of love and service lives on through Oak Ridge today.

How Will Eileen Be Remembered and Honored?

Eileen will be honored through a funeral liturgy at St. Mary’s Catholic Church where friends and family will come together to remember and celebrate her life and legacy. This service, scheduled for noon on Tuesday, March 20th will begin with an 11am-12pm gathering before moving directly into the service itself at noon. In lieu of flowers, her family has asked that donations to St. Mary’s Catholic Church – an organization close to Eileen’s heart – be made in lieu of floral tributes or donations directly in her memory of this special occasion.

What Can We Learn From Eileen’s Life?

Eileen’s life serves as an effective reminder of the profound effect one person can have on their community and those they encounter every day. Her devotion to faith, family and community sets an excellent example for us all to emulate – her legacy reminds us to treasure every moment with loved ones while leaving a positive mark in this world.

How Can Eileen Sheahan Levins Inspire Us?

Eileen Sheahan Levins’ story is one of unwavering faith, unconditional love and dedicated community service. Her life serves as an inspiring example to us all about how important family, faith and community connections can be in life. Although we mourn her loss we also celebrate her legacy; Eileen left an impactful legacy that stands as proof of the power one person’s influence can make an impactful difference in this world.

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