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Rick Boland Obituary & Died, What Happened To Rick Boland? How Did He Died?

Newfoundland and Labrador is mourning the death of an extraordinary personality with Rick Boland’s passing at age 70. His life was an intricate tapestry of art, drama and political activism which will leave an indelible mark upon both cultural and political landscapes in his beloved province. This article pays a lasting tribute to his extraordinary journey and indelible mark he left upon both.

Artistic Luminary

Rick Boland was an outstanding contributor to Newfoundland and Labrador arts scene. He was deeply engaged with the Newfoundland Travelling Theatre Company, renowned for bringing theatre performances across the province. Additionally, Boland co-founded Rising Tide Theatre in Trinity – an important cultural institution.

Boland was known for his theatrical talents. As part of the Mummers Troupe collective, which became renowned for their innovative and relevant performances, Boland used this platform to explore and express Newfoundland and Labrador’s rich cultural tapestry while making valuable contributions to local arts scene.

Boland was not limited to stage performances alone; his talents could also be found on screen. He will always be remembered for his roles in productions like “The Adventure of Faustus Bidgood” and “Republic of Doyle,” where his versatility and depth as an actor cemented their place in audience hearts.

Political Passion

Boland was not only known for his distinguished career in the arts, but was also an active political campaigner and supporter of the New Democratic Party (NDP). His dedication was driven by his desire to see positive change come about within his community and province; as an active campaigner supporting various provincial and federal causes that mattered deeply to him, Boland actively campaigned on their behalf using his voice and influence for causes he believed in.

Boland was committed to the New Democratic Party not just because it represented his beliefs in social justice and community empowerment; rather it reflected his commitment to democracy. Both his artistic pursuits and politics were motivated by an overwhelming passion for Newfoundland and Labrador’s development and welfare.

Legacy and Impact

Legacy and Impact Rick Boland leaves an impressive legacy behind him in the arts world. In theatre and film, his work brought Newfoundland and Labrador’s unique stories and culture into focus while making an indelible mark on its artistic landscape.

Boland left behind an immeasurable legacy in politics characterized by commitment and passion. He demonstrated how art and activism could intertwine by using his platform to advocate for political reform and social justice. His contributions to the NDP and various political campaigns displayed his unflinching dedication to his beliefs as well as betterment of his community.


Rick Boland’s death is an immense loss for Newfoundland and Labrador. His commitment to arts, politics, and people made his work an inspirational example for many others to follow in both realms. Boland will leave behind not only roles he played or campaigns he supported but his inspiration that encouraged others to follow their passions, engage their communities, and make an impactful difference in our world.

Rick Boland lived his life with purpose, passion, and an unyielding commitment to making our world a better place. His contributions in theatre, film, and politics will continue to leave an immeasurable mark upon future generations, while his memory will always remain dear in the hearts of those whose lives he touched.

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