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Alice Stokes Obituary And Death, At 99 Years Old When He Died!

Samson, Alabama mourns the passing of Alice Stokes at age 99 on February 4th 2024. Her death marks an end for a tight-knit community she passionately fostered throughout her life; leaving a markful imprint upon those around her with resilience, grace, and kindness as key hallmarks.

Ms. Stokes was an embodiment of community and family. From her position as mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother she created an intricate web of love that extended across generations and her home was an oasis of warmth, laughter, and life stories shared over time. Beyond family life was Ms. Stokes’ influence felt throughout Samson and its surrounding areas where her dedication and compassionate spirit played an instrumental part in forging supportive and close-knit communities; regardless of the occasion her ability to bring people together showed her commitment to creating a sense of unity and belonging.

End of an Era

Samson has been rocked by news of Ms. Stokes’ passing, as community members mourn her presence as more than just another resident; she was an anchor of strength and supporter. Funeral arrangements will be handled by Hayes Funeral Home of Elba; we await their services with sadness but reverence; it will serve as an opportunity to both remember her legacy and celebrate a remarkable woman who touched so many lives in our midst.

Samson prepares to say farewell to Ms. Stokes as her community reflects upon her contributions and legacy. Over her nearly century-long journey she faced significant changes and challenges while remaining an inspirational source. Ms. Stokes will remain remembered by future generations due to her lessons of kindness, love, and community spirit she imparted.

Ms. Stokes’ death marks not only an individual life but a significant chapter in Samson history. Her life was one of experience and wisdom that brought light to many. As Samson awaits funeral arrangements for Ms. Stokes’ memorial services, there is an overwhelming sense of gratitude towards Ms. Stokes’ life–her legacy stands as testament to both her character and influence in our community.

Samson comes together in sorrow but also celebration to commemorate Ms. Stokes’ centennial journey, recalling her life well lived while honoring its impactful legacy of kindness, resilience and community spirit she exemplified. Her legacy serves as an encouragement for future generations who want to build upon what Ms. Stokes left behind; building upon what Ms. Stokes established.

Samson, Alabama mourns Ms. Alice Stokes’ passing while also honoring her remarkable life and legacy of love, wisdom and unwavering devotion to Samson and beyond. While Ms. Stokes’ passing marks an end of an era for Samson and Alabama as a whole, her presence will live on through shared memories and stories about Ms. Stokes who truly showed how communities can foster one another as human spirits endure and find strength together.

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