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365 Days 4 Release Date: Cast, Plot Speculations, Story and Everything We Know So Far

365 Days 4 Release Date: Cast, Plot Speculations, Story and Everything We Know So Far

365 Days, which has been one of the top thrillers to be streamed on Netflix, is a Polish film which has been available for the streaming services on Netflix since 2020. It has been revealed that in the movie series, there have been many ideas which had been taken from the book series of the same name. The film had been seen as one of the best Polish erotic thrillers, which has been made available to the general public in the previous years.

It must be noted that the Polish thriller streaming movie on Netflix had been directed by the director and screenwriter Barbara Bialowas, who had been raised in Poland and Tomasz Mandes. For the fans, the debut for the movie’s first chapter had been made available publicly when Netflix had agreed for the initial release date of 07th June 2020. In that month, the movie had been watched by many viewers worldwide. This had come after the film had been released to be viewed in theatres in Poland with the release date 07th February 2020. 

365 Days 4 Release Date

With the third part of the Polish thriller, which had been made available for the general audience with the title ‘The Next 365 Days’, there has been reports for a sequel. The third part for the 2020 Polish film, ‘365 Days’ had been released on Netflix in the year 2022. After the release, there has been a long queue of ‘The Next 365 Days’ fans who have been waiting for the official information about the next part of the movie.

For these fans, it has been reported that Netflix has not been able to announce the dates for the ‘365 Days 4’ Official Release Date yet on the platform. This means it has not been confirmed by the platform whether the fourth part of 365 Days is going to be produced or not. For this reason, the ‘365 Days Trilogy’ fans all over the world will have to wait for some more time to get any updates for the upcoming release. 

365 Days 4 Movie & Sequel Overview

Movie 365 Days
Movie Series 365 Days Trilogy 
Country Poland 
Based On  365 Days Trilogy Books 
Author Blanka Lipinska 
Inspiration 50 Shades of Grey 
Genre Drama, Thriller 
Directed By Barbara Bialowas and Tomasz Mandes 
Released 07th February 2020
Netflix Part 1: 365 Days 07th June 2020
Netflix Part 2: 365 Days – This Day 27th April 2022
Netflix Part 3: The Next 365 Days19th August 2022
Netflix Part 4 Release Date TBA
Total GrossingOver 9 million USD 
Listed Top 3 Viewed Films on Netflix (multiple countries)
365 Days 4 Release Date: Cast, Plot Speculations, Story and Everything We Know So Far

365 Days 4 Story Speculations

The film series ‘365 Days’ has been directed by Polish screenwriters, Tomasz Mandes and Barbara Bialowas for the OTT platform, Netflix. It has been stated that the inspiration and ideas which have been taken into the script for the film, they have been taken from a novel trilogy. This novel trilogy had been written by a Polish author, also popularly known as, Blanka Lipinska. For the first part of the film, the story had been taken from the first novel titled as “365 dni”. 

This part had been followed by two other sequels: the second part which had been titled as ‘365 Days: This Day’ had taken its ideas from the second novel, “Ten Dzien”. This had been followed by the third part of the film series, which had been titled as “The Next 365 Days” based on the novel, “Kolejne 365 dni”. In the story, the main character, who is a young woman from Warsaw has started to fall for a Sicilian man, after a spiritless relationship. This woman is Laura, who meets the Sicilian man from a crime family, Torricelli family, known as Massimo Torricelli. 

365 Days 4 Plot Theories

For the series of ‘365 Days: Trilogy’, the story follows a young woman (Laura) who has been in an unhappy relationship, in Warsaw, with her boyfriend (Martin). For her birthday, Laura and Martin has decided to go to Italy, where during her birthday celebrations, Laura gets kidnapped. It is later revealed that Laura has been kidnapped by the new leader of the Sicilian Mafia family, the Torricelli Family, known in the show as Massimo. To add to this, Massimo has now started to tell his backstory when he had lost his father. 

It has been revealed by Massimo that he had searched for Laura for many years, and as a result, after finding her, he had kidnapped her. He adds that Laura is going to stay imprisoned with him for a year (or 365 days), in the hopes that at the end of it Laura is going to fall in love with Massimo. Most of the film for the whole series has been shot in the cities of Warsaw, Niepolomice and Krakow, which are situated in Poland. It had been set up for the theatrical release in Poland on 07th February 2020, which had resulted in a grossing of 9 million USD. 

365 Days 4 Expected Cast

For the film’s release, it has been expected that there is not going to be another sequel for 365 Days 4 in the upcoming months. This is due to Netflix has not announced that the renewal for 365 Days Part 4 has not been made public yet, hence, there is not an official release date. One of the 365 Days 4 Movie’s Plot Speculations has been that Laura will choose between Massimo and Nacho, after the third part had ended showing her with Massimo on the beach. 

Another 365 Days 4 Plot Speculation has suggested that the upcoming sequel could also be about the Domenico’s and Olga’s wedding, whose relationship has not yet bloomed in the film. For the fourth 365 Days film, the cast has remained to be: Anna Maria (playing Laura), Michele Morrone (playing Massimo), Bronislaw Wroclawski (playing Mario), Magdalena Lamparska (playing Olga), Mateusz (playing Martin), and Natasza Urbanska (playing Anna). 

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