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Lyle Hawkins Obituary & Death, Who Was Lyle Hawkins? How Did He Died?

Ensley Township, Sand Lake mourns and commemorates Lyle E. Hawkins who passed away February 5, 2024 at an age of 88 years. Lyle’s life from his birth in Solon Township Michigan on June 10, 1935 to his final days shows unwavering faith, unfaltering love, and selfless service that touched many within Ensley Township Sand Lake as well as beyond its borders.

Who Was Lyle E Hawkins?

Lyle was raised in a family which taught him the values of resilience, faith and community engagement from an early age. These qualities would remain with him throughout his life: from marrying his high school sweetheart Donna Bennett at age 17 to building an extraordinary career that not only brought in an income but made an immeasurable impactful contribution in return to society at large.

What Defined Lyle and His Contributions?

Lyle’s character was defined by resilience, faith and dedication to service. Working as a skilled brick mason and site foreman for BOW Construction for most of his career, Lyle used his masonry expertise not only in professional settings but also to support local camps, church projects and even an African missions trip using it in his professional role as site foreman for BOW. Furthermore, his commitment to his community could be seen through his role as deacon at his church, where he served as lay leader embodying principles of his deep faith.

How Did Lyle and Donna Affect Their Community?

Married on June 16th 1956, Lyle and Donna’s marriage served as an outstanding example of lifelong commitment and love, creating not only a solid base for themselves but also as a role model in their community. Characterized by mutual support and dedication between themselves as partners, with their home bearing witness to Lyle’s skill being an enduring sign of their everlasting union.

What Legacy Has Lyle Left?

Lyle’s legacy is multidimensional. From tangible results of his craftsmanship to intangible impacts such as dedication to family and community. He leaves behind his wife Donna, their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren who will carry forth the values he exemplified. In addition, his contributions to building projects as well as woodworking crafts remain as physical reminders of his skill and hard work.

How Will Lyle Be Honored?

mes A memorial service honoring Lyle will take place at Magnify Church – Ensley Campus on March 23, 2024, offering those he touched an opportunity to come together in commemorating a life that epitomized faith, community and familial love. His family have suggested in keeping with Lyle’s commitment to his faith community that memorial contributions be made instead of sending flowers in lieu of tributes for Lyle.

What Can We Learn From Lyle’s Life and Service?

Lyle E Hawkins’ life serves as an inspiring example of what an individual can accomplish through commitment to faith, family, and community. His legacy serves as a call for all of us to live lives characterized by service, integrity, and love – proving that a meaningful life lies in cultivating meaningful relationships while making meaningful contributions to society at large.

As we remember Lyle, we are reminded of the importance of living lives that not only strive for personal fulfillment but also contribute to others. His journey inspires us to consider ways our own lives could leave positive impacts on those around us – following in his footsteps of someone whose life was an example of service and love.

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