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Rick Jewell Obituary & Death, Who Was Rick Jewell? And What Happened To Jewell?

Greenville has lost one of its treasured souls with the passing of Rick Wilson Jewell on February 8, 2024 at Corewell Health in Grand Rapids at age 62. Rick lived a life full of laughter and love that will forever remain in their memories; making him an immensely loved member of his community.

A Life Well-Lived

Rick was blessed to be born into the loving environment created by Bernard and Karen (Seat) Jewell of Belding. From an early age onward, Rick exuded charismatic energy that brightened any room he entered – from his presence, smile, and infectious laughter, which lit up any given scene to creating magical moments and extraordinary memories in a flash.

Rick was dedicated to family, friends and community; cherishing every moment spent with his loved ones that will become treasured memories for his loved ones. Rick leaves his legacy behind through his daughter Beth Jewell (Jason Hoisington) of Belding; sons Journey Jewell of Sheridan and Ethan Jewell of Greenville; as well as Angie Ohlrick from Lowell and Riza Go-Jewell from Greenville as well as sister Rhonda Kimball of Sidney and brother Chris Jewell from Ionia who remembers their playful, protective brother with fondness.

A Beacon of Kindness

Rick was known for being a beacon of kindness in the community. Always ready to lend a helping hand and lend an ear when needed, whether through kind words, jokes that lightened the atmosphere, or practical assistance he was an unwavering source of support and laughter within our midst.

Rick was known for his generosity of spirit and zest for life, touching many lives beyond those within his immediate circle. While his family mourns his departure, they also celebrate all that his impactful presence brought. Rick left not just memories behind him but countless acts of kindness he provided others as well as moments of laughter shared. His legacy will live on through all who remember and celebrate him.

A Legacy of Love

As Greenville mourns Rick Wilson Jewell’s passing, comfort can be found through shared memories and his lasting impact. Rick’s vibrant spirit of love, laughter and generosity stands as an exemplar for those who knew him; his ability to see the good in every situation and bring happiness and inspiration served as both guidance and source of guidance for many who knew him.

Rick’s life serves as an inspiring example for us all to cherish every moment with those closest to us, remember kindness when it is given freely, and build stronger community bonds than ever before. When remembering him we should live fully, love deeply, and laugh often – just as he did.

A Celebration of Spirit

Rick Wilson Jewell may no longer be with us, yet his spirit still lives on in those who loved and remember him. His legacy of love, laughter and compassion continues to inspire and comfort those he left behind. Moving forward together we carry Rick’s joyous spirit, loving heart and positive outlook into our own lives.

By remembering Rick Wilson Jewell, we commit ourselves to spreading his joyous spirit. His life serves as a testament to human connection and how one individual can impact those they touch in this world. Rest in peace, Rick Wilson Jewell. Your memory will live on through all who were touched by your light.

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