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Heavenly Delusion Episode 2: Release Date and How to Watch?

Heavenly Delusion, a new anime series, premiered recently, becoming one of the first spring releases. The show follows a group of children who live in an isolated facility following a disaster that has completely destroyed the rest of the civilization.

The first episode has perfectly set up the premise of the show and has been appreciated by the audience. Fans are now awaiting the release of the next episode of the series. But when will Heavenly Delusion episode 2 come out? Read on to find out.

Heavenly Delusion Episode 2: When and How to Watch?

The second episode of Heavenly Delusion will be released in Japan on Saturday, April 8th, at 10:00 pm JST. For international viewers, the English subbed episode will be available to stream on Disney+ an hour after its Japan premiere. So viewers in the USA can watch the episode at 10:00 am ET / 9:00 am CT / 7:00 am PT.

To watch the series, you will need to have an active subscription to Disney+. The streaming platform charges $7.99 a month for an ads-supported plan and $10.99 a month for an ads-free plan. There is also an annual ads-fee plan available at $109.99. Disney+ does not offer any free trial to new viewers.

What to Expect from Heavenly Delusion Episode 2?

The upcoming episode will further introduce the characters and delve deeper into their stories. Maru and Kiruko might be seen facing more dangers. On the other hand, the students inside the facilities will grow more curious about the world outside and might make some hasty decisions.

The synopsis for the show reads, “In the outside world, 15 years have passed since an unprecedented disaster that completely destroyed modern civilization. A group of children live in a facility isolated from the outside world. One day, one of them, a girl named Tokio, receives a message that says, do you want to go outside?”

“Mimihime, another girl who lives in the same facility, has a prediction and tells the upset Tokio that two people will come from the outside to save her, one of whom has the same face, while the director of the school tells her that the outside world is hell. Meanwhile, a boy named Maru, who looks just like Tokio, is travelling through this devastated Japan with a girl named Kiruko in search of heaven.”

Who Stars in Heavenly Delusion?

The show features an ensemble voice cast, including Gen Satō as Maru, Sayaka Senbongi as Kiruko, Hibiku Yamamura as Tokio, Toshiyuki Toyonaga as Kona, Misato Fukuen as Mimihime, Shunsuke Takeuchi as Shiro, Tomoyo Kurosawa as Kuku, Misato Matsuoka as Anzu, and Yūki Shin as Taka.

The cast also includes Kazuya Nakai as Robin Inazaki, Masako Isobe as Enchō, Tadashi Mutou as Sawatari and Atsumi Tanezaki as Aoshima. The anime is produced by Production I.G., with Hirotaka Mori serving as the director. The scripts are written by Makoto Fukami, and the characters have been designed by Utsushita of Minakata Laboratory.

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