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Zombieverse: Contestants, Host, Premise, Plot and Everything you need to know

Zombieverse: Contestants, Host, Premise, Plot and Everything you need to know

Zombieverse, a new show which has been made popular for the general audience on the much known OTT platform, Netflix, had been released in the recent week. It has been mentioned that the new Korean show, which has been produced as a type of ‘real-variety’ series has started to gain a large viewership. For the audience, the show had been made available on Netflix, following the announcement which had mentioned the date for its premiere all over the world.

In the announcement, it had been said that the official ‘Zombieverse’ premiere, a South Korean show with a long list of cast, had been scheduled for the Netflix market on 08th August 2023. The main reason for the show’s craze has been due to the big scale with which the show has been produced. To add to this, it has also been said that the “undead” actors in the show are in hundreds, and as a result, from the support of the art team which had also helped in the show “All of Us Are Dead”, it has become a huge name. 

Zombieverse Cast

For the people who have been in the queue for the newest South Korean show, there has been finally a good news. ‘Zombieverse’, which had debuted on Netflix on 08th August 2023 has been named as one of the unique reality TV series for this year. For the show’s teaser, the videos had been started to be released by 10th July 2023. It has also been stated that this comedy horror reality TV show has been produced by Moon Sang Don and Park Jin-Kyung for Netflix. The show has been known to star 10 celebrity faces which are going to compete in the ‘Zombieverse’.

Moon and Park had come together to produce this new show ‘Zombieverse’ in the hopes of gaining a huge global audience through this project. For this purpose, they have also combined the two most popular elements of a thrilling Korean show. This have also included the likes of zombies and reality TV shows, which the Korean TV is known for. As a result, the new ‘Zombieverse’ has come out with a total of 8 episodes in the list for the new TV reality series. It has been mentioned that the show has been viewed positively in many countries.

Zombieverse Overview

TV ShowZombieverse 
Platform Netflix 
Show Teaser 10th July 2023 
Genre Reality, Comedy, Horror 
Total Episodes 08 Episodes 
Country South Korea 
Filmed Seoul, Incheon 
Type Unscripted 
Producers Moon Sang Don & Park Jin Kyung 
Format Hybrid 
Runtime 40-60 minutes 
Language English & Korean
Upcoming Season TBA
Zombieverse: Contestants, Host, Premise, Plot and Everything you need to know

Zombieverse Plot 

For the new South Korean show, the ‘Zombieverse’, it has been reported that the show has also been one of the first to try a new genre. This is because the producers Moon and Park have stated that the show had been a type of reality TV series, but the viewership has reviewed it differently. In the show, there are over 10 cast members being led by actor Lee Si Young and the comedian Park Na Rae, who are trying to film a reality TV show, called as the Love Hunter. As the show proceeds, it gets revealed that these members are the ones who are being hunted by the zombies.

This is because the show has placed focus only on survival of the members, who have to stay safe from a country full of zombies. All the members have been called in the show as “survivors” as they move forward to tackle more and more difficult situations, known in the show as “quests”. This includes the crew members who have been infected by zombies, as other numerous civilians. For the complete series, the crew and other members keep moving from one place to the other by going through real world locations including the likes of downtown Seoul, theme parks and villages.

Zombieverse Story 

It has also been reported that some viewers have mentioned that the show has been scripted in full, thus, it is not a reality TV series. It has also been stated that the show ‘Zombieverse’ tries to take the audience into an alternate reality where the universe is riddled with zombies. Though, it has been made clear by the show’s production and distribution teams, that the show has not been scripted. It had been mentioned that the 10 cast members who have been the contestants and the main part of the show had not been given a script. 

The producers had allowed the other cast which had remained, to read the script, so they could stay ready for the ‘quests’ of other members. The show has also been called as a “real-variety” series, which has meant that the show is part variety, part reality and part-competition show. During the show, there has been many ‘quests’ which the cast has to follow but none of the cast members have any idea about the exact situations in the show, as they move through the cities of Seoul & Incheon. 

Zombieverse Premise

‘Zombieverse’, as a new reality-variety series in Korea, has been released for the public on Netflix in August 2023. For the episodes, the main cast members have not been given a script but they have just been given an idea about what the show is about: surviving a zombie apocalypse in the city of Seoul, in South Korea. In some reports, it has been mentioned that the Zombieverse cast and storyline have been similar to another Netflix comedy show, known as ‘Murderville’. 

In this improvisational comedy TV, there are celebrity faces which come along to help solve criminal cases. For the 2023 ‘Zombieverse’, the main cast members have included the names such as: Yoo Jae Pil (as the host), Lee Si Young, comedian Park Na Rae, Ro Hong Chul, DinDin (a rapper), a YouTuber and online personality Patricia Yiombi, online personality Jonathan Yiombi, baseball player Yoo Hee Kwan, Dex, urologist Kkwachu Hyung or Dr. Jomulju, and the singer from K-Pop group ‘Billlie’, Tsuki. 

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