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Mike Ledford Niceville Fl, Famous Niceville Food Truck Owner Passes Away

Mike Ledford, beloved owner of My Ohana food truck in Niceville, Florida, tragically perished after an unexpected act of violence near a CVS convenience store on John Sims Parkway. This article addresses details surrounding this tragic event such as arrest made for related crime as well as outpouring of support to victim’s family along with current investigation and community response efforts.

What Happened That Fatal Evening?

On a Friday evening at 7:58 p.m., Niceville Police Department received multiple 911 calls reporting a possible gunshot victim – these led officers to discover Mike Ledford suffering from multiple stab wounds inside his truck behind CVS store despite initial aid provided by officers on scene and emergency medical services personnel, Ledford succumbed to his injuries at Fort Walton Beach Medical Center despite timely intervention by first aid professionals and rapid EMS response teams.

Who Was Responsible?

The investigation quickly led to the arrest of 24-year-old Dylan Deschaine, now facing charges in relation to Ledford’s killing. Ironically, Deschaine’s mother first alerted authorities of Deschaine’s possible involvement. Following a short standoff in which Deschaine barricaded himself in a gas station bathroom before finally surrendering himself voluntarily to authorities and facing two counts of battery on a first responder as well as additional potential charges that may emerge as further investigation unfolds.

How has the Community Responded?

News of Ledford’s death sent shockwaves through social media, sparking an outpouring of grief and support for his family. A GoFundMe page set up to support them has seen astounding generosity – raising $66,000 by Monday afternoon alone! Known to most as Sushi Mike, his death will be mourned by Loren, three children, his wife of 17 years (Loren), his three brothers-in-law (Brent, Ryan & Ben), his wife Loren (Loren), three sons-in-law as well as his beloved business Post 20.

What Was Mike Ledford’s Impact on Niceville?

Mike Ledford’s My Ohana food truck represented not just business; it represented culinary passion and community spirit. Recognized three consecutive times as “Best Food Truck on the Emerald Coast”, its success spoke volumes of Ledford’s hard work and care put into every dish that made up its offerings. Plans to open Post 20 were another testament of Ledford’s success and ambition – making his tragic demise all the more poignant.

What Are the Next Steps in the Investigation?

The Niceville Police Department, in cooperation with the State Attorney’s Office, continues its probe of Ledford’s death. Authorities remain diligent as they strive for justice by considering any additional charges carefully; as they work toward this end goal, Ledford’s family hope for closure and justice for their loss. The community awaits further developments as we hope for closure and resolution for their loved one’s legacy.

How Can People Assist the Ledford Family?

The community has expressed its overwhelming solidarity in support of Mike Ledford through social media posts and financial contributions, while offering additional assistance by contributing to his GoFundMe page in his memory. Furthermore, sharing memories of Ledford as well as his culinary masterpieces bear witness to his lasting impact and support must continue for this family in its grief journey.


Mike Ledford’s untimely demise has left an empty space in Niceville. Amid this tragedy, its inhabitants came together to remember and honor his contributions; now they must mourn them as investigations into his untimely demise continue. In spite of such tragedy, Niceville residents remain united through shared memories of Mike’s spirit, generosity, and culinary excellence; their response reaffirming resilience and kindness that defines their town; assuring Mike Ledford’s legacy will live on.

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