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Dawson Lively Missing, Police Searching For Missing Person in Fall River, Nova Scotia

Dawson Lively, 17, from Fall River is currently missing, prompting authorities to search and issue an appeal for public help in finding him. Dawson stands 5 feet 8 inches and weighs approximately 161 pounds; his last known sighting occurred February 13 around 7pm at Thomas Cres in Fall River while wearing a brown camouflage jacket and sweatpants at that time. Authorities have issued an urgent appeal seeking any information that might lead to his safe return.

What Are the Consequences of Missing Persons?

A missing person has far-reaching ramifications. Their friends and families experience emotional strain as they navigate anguished waters of worry, fear, and hope for their safe return. In these trying times, community support becomes invaluable, offering comfort to those directly impacted by an ordeal while aiding search efforts to bring someone home safe again.

How Can You Assist in the Search?

If you know anything about Dawson Lively’s whereabouts, no matter how minor, please reach out and reach out to RCMP Halifax Regional Detachment immediately at 902-490-5020 – your contribution could make all the difference in her safe return! Those seeking anonymity can contact Nova Scotia Crime Stoppers either toll-free at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477), submit an anonymous tip online via their secure web tip site www.crimestoppers.ns.ca or through their P3 Tips App; every piece of information could make an important impactful contribution towards finding Dawson

What Is the Community’s Role in This Search?

Searching for Dawson Lively is not solely law enforcement’s responsibility; it requires everyone in our community to participate and contribute. Staying informed, sharing information responsibly, offering support to his family and friends – these all can play an essential role in our efforts to locate him safely. Let’s stand together during this trying time of need to show our unflinching determination in finding him!

Call to Action

Dawson Lively’s absence serves as an acute reminder of life’s inevitability and the vital role community can play during times of difficulty. As his search continues, we must remain vigilant, supportive, and proactive in our attempts to locate him and reunite him with his loved ones – every action taken towards that end can add up and produce positive outcomes – let us come together as one community, embodying empathy, solidarity, and hope towards finding Dawson’s safe return.

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