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3 Best Sites to Buy Yelp Reviews (2024)

Yes, it is. The short answer on what’s the best site to buy Yelp reviews is Followerzoid. They say their features are safe & secure, and they also say that you can get your Yelp reviews based on how many you need.

Getting reviews on Yelp isn’t a walk in the park.

For your own business and to get attention from your potential clients, you need to improve Yelp’s reputation.

More reviews about your business make it more credible and legitimate. Whether you are running a hotel, a bar, a restaurant, a barbershop, or any of the businesses, word of mouth is actually your social proof. In 2024, reviews act as word of mouth for you. You could also create a fake profile to post reviews on your Yelp by yourself. But in order to come across as authentic, you have to make a difference between super excited and not that enthused. You should reel it back a bit; otherwise, your audience is going to be suspicious.

So, what’s the best way to get a significant amount of reviews smartly?

You can buy Yelp Reviews to prime the pump.

Seems cool, right? Here’s the 3 quality vendors to do so:

·        Followerzoid.com

·        SocialFollowers

·        ItsMediaWorld.us

These are the best rated sites to buy quality Yelp reviews safely, making your success a real, organic, and authentic one.

1.  Followerzoid.com – Our Top Pick!

✅ Score: 9.9/10

FollowerZoid has become a potent ally for local businesses aiming to establish a robust presence on Yelp, leveraging their insightful understanding of industry dynamics. hey don’t engage just anyone to write reviews; each review undergoes a stringent evaluation based on specific criteria.  

Say goodbye to deception and allure genuine customers with FollowerZoid’s positive Yelp reviews!

Their reviews are authentic and genuine because they do not associate with anything fake. Followerzoid was featured as the trusted site to buy Yelp reviews by Forbes, Huffpost, Outlook India, Deccan Herald, & many more. The service ensures that reviews remain intact and offers both local and US-based profiles.

Organic Growth Strategies

The company is continuously working for sustainable, long-term strategies. You can get rid of artificial profiles that could lead your business to a dead end. Looking for more oomph? You receive reviews from real human accounts when you buy Yelp reviews from them.

Ensuring Safety to its clients

FollowerZoid has partnered with some of the most major and renowned gateway companies to provide a secure payment gateway to its clients. After all, an encrypted payment is important for purchasing any stuff online. Along with this they prioritize your security and refuse to create fake reviews from bots.

Minor Setback

Unfortunately, Followerzoid don’t accept payments from crypto wallets directly. You have to ask their support agent for enabling that option.


·        Real & Active Reviews

·        Phone Verified Profiles

·        5 Star Rating

·        Country Targeted Reviews

·        Non-Drop

·        Refill Warranty

·        Secure Payment Options

·        7 Days Refund Warranty


·        No Crypto Payments    

2.  SocialFollowers

✅ Score: 9.1/10

SocialFollowers (now owned by BuyFollowersMalaysia) is purely equipping an impactful medium for the international audience to buy reviews on Yelp. With a meticulously managed system, they deliver genuine reviews at affordable prices. According to their claims, their reviews become effective within 24 hours and they lead to your business success.  Being a mid-way solution for all rating problems, SocialFollowers outshines its competitors by providing services that are secure, authentic, original, positive, and genuinely effective.

Authentic Profiles

SocialFollowers prioritizes quality over quantity, and for real growth, you should maintain dependability. They are providing you with real ground to play on for long-term plans. Industries not only grow on the basis of quality; endorsement is also needed. For your business, you can get Yelp reviews from SocialFollowers. They sell real reviews from human accounts.

Competitive Prices

SocialFollowers offers unbeatable prices with customized packages for affordable Yelp reviews. With a track record of fulfilling 400,000 orders swiftly, it’s a compelling choice for a great price-to-performance ratio. Check out the website for bewitching deals!”

Various Payment Options

You can buy Yelp reviews with PayPal, Debit/Credit card or Venmo through SocialFollowers.


·        Reviews from real & Active People

·        5 Star Rating

·        Quick Delivery

·        24/7 Chat Support


·        They don’t accept Bitcoin payments.

·        No Refill Warranty      

3. ItsMediaWorld.us

✅ Score: 8.9/10

The next site on our list may be costly, but it can significantly help you obtain Yelp reviews if you have the budget for it. This company assists with obtaining reviews on various platforms, such as Yelp, Google, Trustpilot and TripAdvisor. They are relatively new to this industry, yet with powerful techniques and maintaining their aura of authenticity, they have managed to secure 3rd place in this article. The company quickly gained prominence, serving nearly 15,000 clients and boasting a high rate of repeat customers. Many tech enthusiasts and business owners are keeping them as a secret ally for their business popularity.

Targeted Reviews with Multiple languages

If you have a language-based business or having a specific gender and category; ItsMediaWorld should be your choice. This company serve your Yelp profile with quality 5-Star reviews based on your business type and niche.

24/7 Customer Care

Their team is working really hard to give some extra value to its customers. So, they have managed a team of talented people that are working round the clock to help you buy reviews on Yelp.


As a new shining star, ItsMediaWorld is giving goosebumps to its clients on the basis of its privacy policies. They don’t need any passwords for any of your business account profiles.


·        Non-Drop reviews

·        24/7 Chat Support

·        5 Star Reviews

·        Top Notch Privacy

·        Fast Delivery


·        Relatively New in Market

Taking the First Step towards your Purchase?

Buying reviews on Yelp is a seamless process:

1.      Choose the number of reviews you are looking for your business to add

2.      You give the business name or link to their forums and do secure payment (always try to hire a company that accepts buyer protected payment methods).

3.      Congrats! You placed your first order and within 24 hours you’ll see new reviews appearing on your Yelp handle.

Needless to say, it’s important to differentiate reviews from your actual customers and purchased one. Therefore, these companies provide detail of each review posted by them on your provided contact information.

How Does Yelp Punishes You for Fake Reviews?

More than anything else, you should know that all services are not equal and it can be a red light for you.

Yelp consistently refines its algorithms, and by 2012, they observed suspicious activities across various platforms. In response, Yelp implemented a robust strategy to combat fake reviews, initiating a thorough re-evaluation of their users. During this process, numerous businesses either faced removal or received warnings from Yelp. In either case, the impact on your business is unfavorable. It is crucial to exercise discretion in selecting a reliable partner for reviews. Once flagged by Yelp’s sophisticated system, resolving the issue becomes challenging. If a business accumulates more fake reviews than genuine ones, Yelp promptly takes stringent actions against it.

They may punish you with legal action, or in the worst-case scenario, you can get a permanent ban from Yelp. On the other hand, if you have fewer fake reviews than the real ones, Yelp will give you a warning, and honestly, that is also not good for you because Yelp displays that warning on your profile for the next 90 days. In those 90 days, your customers will eventually get to know about those fake reviews, which is not good for your future growth.

How to Get More Positive Yelp Reviews?

87% of the consumers consider Yelp reviews as personal recommendation. They drive local purchases in home for your business. According Harvard School, a 1 star increase in your Yelp rating can boost 10-15% of your online sales. Now take a look how you can get Yelp reviews organically:

·        Value your positive reviews and put them in the center and most highlighted area of your website or social media pages.

·        Make your social media pages accessible and connect with your customers so that they can comment or give reviews about your service. It all depends on the nature of your business; for example, if you are selling cosmetic products, you have to make Instagram pages for better communication.

·        Customer retention is the prime factor in growth. Send emails to customers after their purchase or link your Yelp page in a visible spot on your website to entice customers to leave reviews.

·        Always provide good services and products to your customers so that the customer acquisition rate will double. Once you crack that, those customers will be your leverage for leaving a review on your Yelp page.

·        A negative review is definitely a problem. Talk about the issue with the customer and try to resolve their issue. Once you resolve that issue, it will be a win-win situation to retain your position.

·        Tag your loyal customers on your social media pages to get more strong validation from them.

·        Reward your customers for leaving a good review on your pages, websites, and Yelp profile. For example, a positive review will get you 10% off your next purchase.

FAQs: Buy Yelp Reviews

 1: What is Yelp?

Founded in July 2004, Yelp is a US-based reviews platform encompassing businesses worldwide. It features reviews for various establishments like hotels, restaurants, cafes, and more. Over the years, Yelp has established itself as a credible source for people to make informed choices about their preferred destinations. Their platform provides comprehensive business profiles, leveraging over 20 years of accumulated experience.

2: Why Yelp Reviews are important?

In the multi-faceted dimensions of social media, reviews play an important part in building the credibility, trust, and authenticity of any business. A lot of reviews help to choose what’s best in town for a specific product. In short, people rely on Yelp reviews to decide among multiple options. Therefore, companies from all over the world take a keen interest in maintaining their reviews count in a good way. Each review counts!

3: What’s the best sites to buy Yelp reviews?

Followerzoid is the best site to buy Yelp reviews due to its unmatchable delivery speed and professional team. They use phone verified accounts for posting reviews. Their support team is active on WhatsApp 24/7 for you. There’s no guess work involved.

4: Is it legal to buy Yelp Reviews?

While purchasing Yelp reviews is against the platform’s terms and conditions, it has become a prevalent practice due to the difficulty in receiving positive reviews organically. Given the significant impact even a single negative review can have on credibility, acquiring positive feedback for your Yelp business is deemed acceptable.

However, it’s recommended to steer clear of reviews managed by software and bots.

5: Can buying Yelp reviews get you banned?

Buying Yelp reviews can lead to a ban, especially if targeted by con-artists. We have described a list of sites where you can buy safe reviews without the risk of getting banned.

6: Why FollowerZoid has the highest rating in our list?

Based on our survey, FollowerZoid boasts the highest customer satisfaction and authentic growth. With a track record of fulfilling 500,000 orders and an impressive 85% repeat customer rate, FollowerZoid stands out. FollowerZoid is definitely a strategic partner for business owners to help them buy real Yelp reviews and convince your audience that your business is popular in town.

To enhance your sales, consider FollowerZoid; the top choice among 55 platforms we tested. Gather real Yelp reviews from then and unlock your growth potential.

7: How Much does it cost?

The cost for Yelp reviews is as follow:

·        1 review for 42.50$

·        2 reviews cost 78.50$

·        5 reviews for 195.50$

·        10 reviews at 375.50$

·        15 reviews for 525.50$

·        20 reviews at 695.50

8: What type of accounts are used to post a review?

As Yelp maintains stringent measures against fake reviews, the mentioned websites are designed to provide you with authentic accounts for genuine growth. These firms utilize phone-verified profiles and real accounts sourced from users residing in your local vicinity. Each review they deliver undergoes manual approval by their in-house team.

8: Does companies use same IP address for every review?

According to Yelp’s terms and conditions, they look for IP addresses for verification of real reviews. So, the websites mentioned above definitely keep a closer eye on IP addresses and use appropriate browsers to avoid any asset loss.

9: Will others know if I buy Reviews?

The endorsements purchased will be a top secret between the company and you. These companies have strict privacy policies, and they ask only for non-sensitive general information from you to place an order. So, you can forget the worries of being detected after using their service.

Final Verdict

Yelp showcases your reputation strength, earned through dedication and hard work. The most direct route to establish trust on your new customers is buying Yelp reviews from the mentioned website. After evaluating 55 companies, we’ve identified the top three for safely acquiring Yelp reviews.

 These companies help you throughout the process from choosing the plan to posting your relevant comment for your targeted audience. Good Luck!

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