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Henry Devault Death Dundee Township Illinois, Who Was Henry Devault? How Did Died?

Henry H. DeVault was an esteemed member of Elizabeth, West Virginia, leaving an indelible imprint through his devotion to service, hard work and affection for his family. Born June 11, 1922 in Morgantown, WV – son of Henry N. and Beulah Farrell DeVault – Henry embarked upon an incredible journey marked by notable accomplishments and unwavering commitment to his principles during his early life.

What Defined Henry DeVault’s Professional Career?

Henry DeVault was best known for his long and distinguished tenure at U.S. Steel Clairton Works where he held the position of blast furnace foreman until his retirement. His unwavering dedication and hard work ethic were evident in every aspect of his work and earned him respect from colleagues alike.

How Did Henry DeVault Serve His Country?

Beyond his professional endeavors, DeVault demonstrated his sense of duty by serving in the U.S. Army during World War II. His bravery and devotion during this trying time served as evidence of both his character and love of country; DeVault held great pride for this contribution that brought so much honor to himself throughout his life.

What was Henry DeVault’s Impact in His Community?

DeVault made an indelible mark beyond his professional and military service. His faith played an essential role in his life, while his membership at Bethesda United Presbyterian Church and Stephen Bayard Masonic Lodge #526 both in Elizabeth demonstrated his dedication to betterment of community relations and fellowship.

What Was Henry DeVault’s Role?

Henry DeVault placed great value in his family. He and Bertha Watson DeVault shared an extraordinary 77-year marriage and together raised two daughters Carol Hood and Nancy Medcalf while teaching them the values of hard work, integrity and compassion. Additionally, his legacy also includes four grandsons, two great-grandsons, three great-great grandchildren as well as his brother James DeVault, as well as many friends and relations who held him dear.

What Legacy Did Henry DeVault Leave Behind?

Henry DeVault’s generous spirit, unwavering commitment, and generous spirit left an indelible mark on those he knew and touched throughout his lifetime. His life was an example of service, sacrifice, and love – reminding us how profound an impact one person can have in many lives.

How Was Henry DeVault Honored Following His Departure?

In the wake of Henry DeVault’s passing on November 24, 2018, friends and loved ones gathered at Paul E. Bekavac Funeral Home in Elizabeth to pay their respects and express their love. It was an outpouring of support which served to show just how influential DeVault had been on our community, his memory continuing to influence those fortunate enough to know him.

Henry DeVault left an enduring legacy, celebrated not only for his achievements but also the values he represented and lived by. Henry will always be cherished and remembered with immense appreciation.

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