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Dentists say gambling addiction is linked to oral health

Gambling has become particularly prevalent in recent years. The reasons for such great popularity is that people have the opportunity to play over the Internet from their computers or smartphones from the comfort of their homes through the applications from “MostBetApp.net”, “App1Win.com”, “Parimatch-App.net” and many others. Of course, such simplicity attracted a lot of people to gambling, which increased the frequency of problems characteristic of avid gamblers.

Dentists note that addiction to computer or gambling games has a detrimental effect on the health of the oral cavity. Negative factors are actually several, and dentists told about the most relevant reasons.

Lack of time for oral care

An excessive fascination with computer and gambling games causes a person to spend many hours a day sitting in front of a computer or with a phone. Long gaming sessions with deep immersion in the process does not allow due attention to other aspects of human life. Including oral care, which is confirmed by a study that was conducted several years ago. The object of the study were teenagers, but in one way or another the problem can be extrapolated to representatives of other age categories.

Gambling is accompanied by bad habits

Addiction – a disorder of psychological activity, which is expressed in the inability to control the craving for certain chemicals or actions. Often a person has several types of addictions at once. Thus, gamblers often have uncontrollable cravings for sweet and fatty foods. And such food, as it is well known, is very harmful to dental health.

Lack of money for a dentist

In most countries, dental care is not covered or not fully covered by insurance. And almost everywhere, dental care is a very expensive procedure. Therefore, many people delay going to the dentist until the last minute and forget about normal preventive care. Over time, this leads to the loss of teeth and the need for dentures. And even though modern prosthetics technologies have become more advanced, they still require significant financial costs.

It is obvious that gambling addiction in the vast majority of cases is accompanied by financial problems. Over time, ludomania can turn even a financially successful person into a debtor. Therefore, it is quite natural that maintaining dental health in such a situation will be much more difficult.

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