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Lori Mccommas, Age, Height, Profession, Wealth, And More

Lori McCommas’ life story combines resilience, privacy, and an interesting connection with Hollywood. Born June 22nd 1969 in New York City, she first made headlines as Terrence Howard’s ex-wife; but Lori is more than that – she is also mother, former student at Pratt Institute, and has navigated life’s complexities with an indomitable willpower.

What Challenges Did Lori Face Early On?

Although Lori tended to remain low-profile during her early life, there are indications of difficulty and uncertainty. Growing up as part of a Jewish family with devout beliefs influenced by Jehovah’s Witness religion has had its effects. Her marriage with Terrence Howard brought her into public view but also exposed her to being linked with someone whose personal life could often be turbulent and unstable.

How Did Lori and Terrence Howard Divorce Unfold?

Lori and Terrence Howard’s marriage was an emotional rollercoaster. After they first tied the knot in 1989 and welcomed three children – Aubrey, Hunter, and Heaven – allegations of domestic abuse surfaced along with Howard’s ongoing issues with alcohol. After divorcing in 2003 they remarried again but eventually divorced again by 2007. These experiences tested not only Lori’s resilience but also her ability to maintain privacy and dignity amid public scrutiny.

What Impact Has Lori’s Education Had on Her Life?

Lori’s academic history speaks volumes of her dedication and desire for intellectual advancement. She attended Henderson High School before later enrolling at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn – although no details are publicly disclosed about what her major may have been there. Nonetheless, this achievement speaks volumes of Lori’s aspirations and dedication.

How Has Lori McCommas Managed Her Career and Net Worth?

Not much is known about Lori McCommas’ professional life as she prefers to keep this aspect of her life private, though estimates place her net worth at approximately $2 Million due to the settlement from Terrence Howard’s divorce settlement. Lori, unlike Terrence Howard who has an estimated net worth of $5 Million has chosen a more sedate approach; instead focusing on raising her children while remaining out of public view and maintaining privacy.

What Led to Lori and Terrence’s Divorce?

The reasons for Lori and Terrence’s divorce are complex. Reports indicate that Terrence’s alcoholism and aggression were key contributors. Lori displayed courage in confronting these challenges head on while prioritizing both her own well-being as well as that of their children despite these obstacles, an admirable act.

Lori McCommas Has Revamped Her Personal Life Since Divorce Since divorcing, Lori McCommas has led an understated life. She prefers not to involve herself with media coverage or public scrutiny and instead prioritizes family life – her commitment to keeping a stable environment for her children being an example.

What Do We Know About Lori McCommas’s Second Marriage?

Since her tumultuous split with Terrence Howard, Lori’s personal life has remained relatively discreet; no details regarding a possible second marriage exist indicating her preference to keep these matters private.

How Does Lori McCommas Use Social Media?

In an age when social media presence is prevalent, Lori McCommas stands out by remaining absent. With no known profiles on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to speak of, this absence highlights her preference for privacy and an existence outside the spotlight.


Lori McCommas’ life story is one of resilience, privacy, and dignity despite challenges she encountered during her marriage to Terrence Howard and subsequent public scrutiny. Instead of choosing an aggressive path of public dissipation to focus on raising her family instead of becoming embroiled in a public scandal she chose a path of discretion with family life as the focus – reminding us all to respect real people behind headlines who deserve respect and understanding.

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