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Alvin Martin, Whoopi Goldberg’s Daughter Knows Who Her Father Is.

Alvin Louise Martin, best known for his brief marriage to Whoopi Goldberg and subsequent drug counseling career, has created his own path as an independent drug counselor. While Whoopi Goldberg may have thrust Martin into the public eye initially, there is much more to Alvin Martin than meets the eye – here we explore all aspects of his background, career and personal life in depth.

Who Is Alvin Martin? Born July 29th 1958 in Merseyside England, Alvin Louise Martin has made an immense difference as an influential drug counselor in America. At 6 feet tall and weight of 71kg he stands tall both physically and professionally – continuing his dedication to helping individuals overcome drug addiction with both expertise and personal experience. Now 65 he continues his efforts towards bettering lives around him.

How Did Alvin Martin Gain Recognition?

Martin is best known for his marriage to Whoopi Goldberg, an acclaimed American comedian, talk show host, and media personality. They met while Whoopi was seeking treatment for drug addiction at a rehabilitation center. Eventually they married; shortly thereafter welcomed Alexandrea Martin – although this union eventually ended in divorce but played an instrumental role in Alvin Martin achieving notoriety.

What Is Alvin Martin’s Professional Background?

For nearly three decades, Alvin Martin has dedicated his professional career to aiding individuals on their path toward overcoming drug dependency. His support, guidance, and counseling services have garnered him widespread respect from clients all across America. His dedication has resulted in him becoming one of the most in-demand counselors.

Who Is Alexandrea Martin?

Alexandrea Martin is the daughter of Alvin Martin and Whoopi Goldberg and is following in their footsteps into the entertainment industry as an accomplished producer. Working on several highly regarded films has allowed her to showcase her talents while garnering her plenty of accolades in turn. Furthermore, as an active mother to three she continues the legacy of strong, influential women within her family unit.

What Was Alvin Martin and Whoopi Goldberg’s Relationship Like?

Alvin Martin and Whoopi Goldberg experienced a complicated relationship. Beginning when they met at a rehabilitation center, their romance eventually led to marriage and Alexandrea was born; but eventually led to divorce with Whoopi pointing the finger of blame at herself as part of its collapse. Although their romantic connection no longer existed, both remain bound through Alexandrea and her achievements.

What Is Alvin Martin’s Net Worth?

While Alvin Martin prefers to remain confidential about his finances, estimates place his estimated net worth at approximately $2 Million due to his career achievements as a drug counselor and contribution in that field. Meanwhile, Whoopi Goldberg is estimated to have amassed an estimated fortune estimated at approximately $60 Million thanks to her vast influence and legacy within entertainment.

Bernard Dean, husband to Alexandrea Martin and renowned American film producer. Bernard has made significant strides in both personal and family success since entering the entertainment industry; both as an individual as well as contributing to Whoopi Goldberg’s legacy through being grandfather to three of her grandchildren. Bernard plays an active role in shaping their lives and assuring their bright futures.


Alvin Louise Martin has earned recognition beyond celebrity marriage for his dedication and contributions as a drug counselor. Through the efforts of his daughter Alexandrea Martin and Bernard Dean’s involvement, his legacy lives on in his daughter. Alvin Martin stands as an example of what one person’s efforts can accomplish through dedication and hard work, making him worthy of praise even without celebrity associations.

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