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The Future of Handyman Projects: Tools That Change the Game

Technological advancements have radically transformed the modern workplace – and they look set to transform it further over the coming years. You might suspect that hands-on occupations would be sheltered from these developments. But even tradespeople can benefit extensively from new tools and techniques. In many cases, technological developments are impacting the worlds of the DIYer and the professional in the same way.

Smart Tools

Modern power tools can do a great deal more than older ones. In much the same way as your car, a simple tool like a drill might come with onboard microchips that monitor performance and report extra information to your phone via Bluetooth. This might allow you to dial hidden settings, or to be aware of particular problems before they have a chance to deteriorate. For example, if your battery’s performance is waning, you might be warned of the decline before it starts to impact you.

This will allow workers to avoid costly downtime, and ensure that every job is done to an acceptable standard, uninhibited by equipment failure and related problems.

So-called ‘smart tools’ are also more easily tracked. This makes it easy to perform stock takes quickly. For DIYers, this is a convenience; for professionals, it might help to avoid costly mistakes. 

New Generation of Batteries

Every year, new and more powerful batteries are released. These batteries are able to hold a charge for longer, meaning less downtime. They’re also lighter, which makes them much more convenient to use. We can see this in the world of electric vehicles, but it’s just as relevant in the world of smart tools.

Compact Power

Just because batteries are getting smaller, doesn’t mean that we’re compromising on power. In many cases, the opposite is true. Given the current pace of development, it seems unlikely that corded power tools will be used in the decades to come. Certain tools, like the electric impact wrench, are already overwhelmingly battery-powered. 

After all, why put up with a trailing cable when batteries are able to deliver just as much power as a mains outlet?

Eco-Friendly Innovations

Environmental issues have taken center stage over recent years in politics and business alike, and as manufacturing methods become more efficient and longer lasting tools are created, efficiency increases accordingly.

Environmental impact from extracting and processing lithium for batteries remains an ongoing challenge – though progress in efficiency measures has helped mitigate it significantly. Recycling lithium-ion batteries at the end of their lifespans poses challenges of its own. The more efficient that batteries get, the longer they last, and the less often they need to be replaced. The same applies to the tools themselves.

From an end user standpoint, one way to be greener when buying tools is purchasing high-quality ones that last years – this way fewer replacements need be purchased over time – thus less strain being put onto nature and its resources.

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