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The 2024 Presidential Election: Key Candidates and Predictions

The next presidential election is coming up in 2024. After four years under President Biden, American voters will again choose their leader. Several candidates are running for president from the Democratic and Republican parties. Here is some background on the election and the top candidates so far.

On the Democratic side, current President Joe Biden has yet to declare whether or not he plans on running again for office; should he do so, he would likely be considered the favorite to secure their nomination. Kamala Harris would make history again should she become elected, becoming first female president for that party.

Republican field of 2024 could prove fiercely competitive. Many prominent Republican figures appear eager to run, including former President Trump and vice-president Mike Pence; current Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has become widely recognized as an influential member of his party across the nation.

Voters still have strong preferences regarding candidates running in 2024 election and want them to lead our nation, even before this process has completed. If you feel confident enough in who you think will win, there are even ways to put some money behind your prediction. Sites like DraftKings allow you to bet on elections and other future events. Search for a DraftKings North Carolina promo code if you want to sign up and make wagers on who you expect to win the 2024 contests.

As for the overall race, Vice President Harris or President Biden would likely be favored on the Democratic ticket considering they will be the incumbent party. Polls can change a lot over the next two years though. Biden’s approval rating and other factors will determine how popular the Democrats are.

On the Republican side, there could be a major battle for which candidate comes out on top in the primary. Donald Trump still has a very dedicated base of supporters. But Governor DeSantis has rapidly closed ground with his recent margin of victory in Florida. DeSantis represents a similar vision with a fresher perspective. This contrast could make the Republican primary very close and competitive.

Experts generally believe the 2024 election will hinge on voter turnout: whichever side can best mobilize their followers to attend polling stations will gain an edge. Races like the 2020 election confirm that every vote does matter.

Young voters especially could play a key role. Their turnout rates are usually lower historically. But they were a big reason for Democratic success in 2020. Motivating these younger Americans with student debt, jobs, and other issues will be crucial.

No matter what side you support for 2024, the best thing you can do is register and commit to voting. Also try to respectfully discuss political issues with friends, family, and coworkers. Our diversity of thought and opinion is an inherent strength of America’s democracy. Staying actively engaged is how we ensure our system and freedom continue for future generations.

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