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Kaylee Campbell Layton, Layton from the Authority for Public Housing

Recently, domestic extremism has taken center stage in national security discussions. One such individual who embodies this problem is Kaylee Campbell Layton – an unemployed military dependent living on an United States Marine Corps base who has caused considerable concern with regard to military installations through her actions and statements.

Who is Kaylee Campbell Layton?

Kaylee Campbell Layton has become known as “The Target Girl,” due to false reports regarding “tuck-friendly swimsuits for children” sold at Target. But Layton has gained notoriety beyond this incident as she has long expressed disdain towards government policies by repeatedly and violently criticizing them over time.

What Has She Said and Done?

Layton has made headlines for her shocking rhetoric. She has called for President Joe Biden’s execution and threatened Hunter Biden with death threats, among many other political figures and content creators whose lives she threatened with death threats during Pride Month alone. These statements not only lack compassion but may also prove dangerous on military bases.

Why Is Her Presence Suspicious?

mes It is alarming that an individual with such extreme views could reside on a military base, which are intended to provide safe environments where those serving and protecting our nation reside. Allowing an individual who actively calls for violence against the government to remain could compromise both safety and morale of armed forces personnel, while raising questions regarding government resources (like housing subsidies) being allocated towards individuals holding these views.

What Actions Are Being Demanded?

Given the gravity of this situation, there has been an outraged call for action. A petition seeking Kaylee Campbell Layton’s removal from military housing is currently circulating; not just as an administrative request but more importantly to act against such behavior on military installations. When submitted it will go directly to Major General Austin E. Renforth of 29 Palms along with evidence documenting Layton’s comments and actions.


Kaylee Campbell Layton provides an example of domestic extremism’s dangers. Her case emphasizes the need for vigilant oversight to protect military bases as symbols of national security from individuals like Layton who threaten values and safety within communities they protect. Layton’s actions endanger lives while undermining their integrity, so swift and decisive action must be taken against her actions as soon as possible.

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