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2012 Eaton Centre Shooting, An emotional farewell to the victims Death?

Christopher Husbands was found guilty in connection with the 2012 Eaton Centre shooting, leading to two fatalities and injuring multiple others. With this ruling from Ontario’s Court of Appeal upholding his life sentences for his part in this tragedy, this legal battle finally comes to a close and underscores how serious Husbands’ actions were in leading to death of two individuals and injuries to multiple others.

What Prompted the Eaton Centre Shooting?

On June 2, 2012, Christopher Husbands unleashed terror within Toronto’s Eaton Centre mall, leading to the deaths of Ahmed Hassan, 24, and Nixon Nirmalendran, 22; it also left several others including a 13-year-old boy injured severely and severe psychological scarring on both survivors as well as Toronto itself. This horrendous event forever altered lives while leaving an impactful scar upon survivors as well as on its city of residence.

How Did Legal Proceedings Progress?

mes After being originally charged with two counts of second-degree murder in 2014 and sentenced to life without parole for 30 years, Husbands was successfully appealed and was then subject to retrial in 2019 where his defense claimed that his actions may have been affected by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from previous assault. At his second retrial he was found guilty on both counts of manslaughter with his sentence being adjusted accordingly to life imprisonment with possibility of parole after seven years.

What were the Key Points in Husbands’ Appeal?

His legal team raised several arguments in their appeal, such as concerns regarding consideration of his posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and sentencing decisions that did not fit with social context and had links between Husbands’ criminal activity and his condition. They contend that trial judge had applied the appropriate legal framework when considering both aspects.

How Did the Court Respond to Husbands’ Appeal?

The Ontario Court of Appeal unanimously dismissed Husbands’ appeal, upholding his life sentences imposed in 2019. They found that Husbands’ trial judge had carefully considered all factors and evidence relevant to her sentencing decision, with such sentences considered appropriate given the severity of offenses committed. Their decision highlighted proportionality as an essential aspect of justice system accountability.

What Is the Significance of This Decision?

The court’s decision to uphold Husbands’ life sentence sends a powerful message about the devastating repercussions of violent crimes and accountability for perpetrators’ actions, while offering victims and their families closure from this tragedy and honoring its lasting impacts.

Reevaluating Tragedy: How Can We Prevent Future Incidents?

The Eaton Centre shooting serves as a stark reminder of gun violence’s devastating impact, prompting reflection on efforts needed to address its root causes while supporting those impacted by such senseless acts. Through collective action and our dedication to building safer communities, we can work toward preventing future tragedies while building more resilient societies.


The Court of Appeal’s decision to uphold Christopher Husbands’ life sentences marks an important turning point in the legal proceedings surrounding the 2012 Eaton Centre shooting. By upholding principles such as accountability and proportionality in sentencing, this ruling ensures justice for victims and their families while underscoring public safety as an imperative for our society.

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