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Matthew Rutler Wikipedia, Age, Net Worth, Family, Career & More

Matthew Rutler may be best known as Christina Aguilera’s fiance, yet there’s much more to him than meeting that criteria. From guitarist, production assistant, and executive to guitarist again; Matthew has made himself at home within the entertainment world. We explore more details regarding his life, career, and relationship with Christina Aguilera below.

Matthew Rutler was born April 5, 1985 in Wyckoff, New Jersey and is an American musician and executive. As a youth he developed an avid interest in filmmaking and entertainment; eventually this led him to enroll at Roger Williams University with a concentration in Music Business Administration with a minor.

How Did Rutler and Aguilera Cross Paths?

Matthew Rutler and Christina Aguilera met on the set of “Burlesque,” where Aguilera played a lead role and Rutler served as production assistant, in November 2009. Their professional collaboration quickly transitioned into romantic feelings; shortly thereafter they started dating shortly thereafter and Rutler proposed shortly after and since 2014 have been happily engaged.

What Are Rutler’s Background Skills and Experience?

Rutler stands out not only because of his association with Aguilera but for his impressive career achievements on his own as an accomplished guitarist who has collaborated in multiple music projects (such as working on Aguilera’s video “Let There Be Love”) but also thanks to being named Executive VP President at MasterClass (an online class platform that hosts classes taught by experts from different fields).

Has Rutler Been Engaged In Any Controversy?

Like any public figure, Matthew Rutler has seen his share of controversy. One prominent instance happened when he was arrested for reckless driving while Aguilera was found to be extremely intoxicated; nevertheless, they managed to move past this incident by sharing photos and updates about their love on social media and celebrating special moments together.

What Do Rutler’s Families Look Like?

Matthew Rutler and Christina Aguilera share an obvious affectionate relationship as is evidenced through social media posts and public appearances. Although details about his family remain relatively private, it is widely known that they share one child together which further solidifies their familial bond.

What Can Fans Expect of Rutler Going Forward?

Fans of Matthew Rutler can expect him to continue making strides in both music and business endeavors. With MasterClass at the forefront of educational innovation and his musical talents ensuring his relevance within entertainment industries alike.

Rutler has proven he is much more than the love interest of Christina Aguilera; with an array of professional activities spanning music and business he is already making an impressionful statement to fans worldwide. Fans should expect even greater contributions by this exceptional individual as his legacy develops further within entertainment and education circles.

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