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Iyanna Faith Lawrence, Everything You Need to Know About Martin Lawrence’s Daughter

Iyanna Faith Lawrence, more widely known as Martin Lawrence’s daughter with ex-wife Shamicka Gibbs. Born November 9, 2000 in Los Angeles, Iyanna quickly made her mark online by showing off her exquisite fashion sense and lifestyle choices that quickly established her as an emerging model.

What Are Iyanna’s Background and Credentials?

Iyanna holds American citizenship and comes from African-American descent, being 5 feet 7 inches in height with approximately 55 kg in weight as per her zodiac sign Scorpio. In 2019, she graduated from Sarah Lawrence College.

Are You Wondering If Iyanna Faith Lawrence Is Dating Anyone?

As of now, it appears Iyanna appears to be unattached and focused on her career and education. While she has occasionally been seen with Michael Isaac Blanks there has been no indication of any romantic chemistry between the two of them.

Who Is Iyanna’s Family?

Iyanna lives with Martin Lawrence and Shamicka Gibbs as part of their household; Amara Trinity and Jasmine Page from Martin Lawrence’s first marriage are also part of Iyanna’s household – with Jasmine Page being their half-sibling and Amara Trinity being their younger biological sibling.

Who Are Her Parents?

Martin Lawrence, an award-winning American actor and comedian best known for roles on sitcoms such as Wild Hogs and movies such as Black Knight. Shamicka Gibbs was her mother; they married in 2010 but soon split due to irreconcilable differences;

What Do We Know About Martin Lawrence?

mes Martin Lawrence was born April 16th 1965 in Frankfurt Germany and first became famous with his role in 1989 film Do the Right Thing. Since then he has gone on to work in many capacities such as acting, producing, stand up comedy and writing.

Who Is Shamicka Gibbs?

Shamicka Gibbs is best known for being Martin Lawrence’s wife; however, she also owns several Massage Envy Spa franchises as well as Don’t Hurt Cha Tongue Boy spices.

What Are Iyanna Faith Lawrence’s Career Aspirations?

Though only starting her professional career recently, Iyanna Faith Lawrence has already proven herself an impressive model and social media influencer. Her unique fashion sense and following has quickly earned her fans on Instagram; moreover, her activism efforts have inspired others through sharing openly about being black in an otherwise predominantly white school environment.

How Tall Is Iyanna Faith Lawrence?

Iyanna Faith Lawrence stands at 5 feet 7 inches (1.70m), she maintains an estimated 55 kg weight and boasts striking black hair and blonde eyes that set her apart among competitors.

What Is Iyanna Faith Lawrence’s Net Worth?

Being the daughter of two celebrities, Iyanna relies heavily on their wealth for support; Martin Lawrence reportedly has an estimated net worth of approximately $110 Million while Shamicka Gibbs reportedly has approximately $5 Million.

Iyanna Faith Lawrence has made quite an impression since being introduced into celebrity family circles. With her distinctive style and social media presence, it will be exciting to watch where this young individual’s future takes them.

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