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The Essential Motorcycle Gear Checklist for Riders

Every seasoned motorcycle rider knows that the key to a thrilling and successful bike ride lies in the gear. Factors like motorcycle tyre condition, balance, speed, and so on are all important. However, what truly determines the quality of your riding experience is the gear you put on before heading out.

This article provides an overview of must-have gear for a remarkable riding experience. So read on to discover motorcycle riding essentials you must never leave home without. 

#1. Helmet

If there’s any piece of riding gear you MUST never leave home without it’s your helmet. Of course, there’s also the fact that riding without a helmet is a legal violation in many places. However, beyond this, motorcycle helmets are essential in ensuring your safety while riding. 

No one hopes for riding accidents to happen; unfortunately they do happen. When choosing your motorcycle helmet, make sure it fits securely without being too tight or loose in terms of size – to reduce chances of head injury as much as possible.

Fashion conscious riders need not fear: full-face and modular helmets with unique designs will surely have one suitable for them on the market.

#2. Jeans

Think you already own enough jeans? Quite wrongly! It would be foolish not to get more. Motorcycle jeans are totally different from your regular Levi’s or Calvin Klein. For one, they are a lot stronger and abrasion-resistant. 

Aside from this, some even include armor pockets to offer additional protection for your hips and knees. When you’re out riding, the only layer between your skin and the road is the clothes you’re putting on. So, getting it right with respect to motorcycle clothing is an absolute necessity. 

When you go get motorcycle jeans, make sure they are snug but free. Getting something that’s too tight will make you end up with restricted movement.

#3. Boots

Different studies all agree that leg injuries occur in more than 30% of all motorcycle accidents. Unfortunately, some of these incidents could lead to permanent loss of lower limbs. As such, it is very vital you protect your legs as much as possible.

The best way to do this is to get armored riding boots. This footwear is specially designed to withstand significant impact. It would help if you also ensure the riding boots you choose are waterproof and non-slip. This will help ensure you remain safe even on wet days. 

#4. Gloves

Whenever you’re about to fall while riding, it’s instinct that you put your arms out first. As such, your hands are highly likely to make first contact with the floor in the event of an accident. The problem here is that your hands are not strong enough to withstand the abrasion and impact of bike accidents

So, wearing your gloves while riding is a no-brainer. When choosing a motorcycle glove, opt for one with a non-slip grip and strong stitching. Furthermore, you’ll want to ensure the gloves have palm armor for better protection.

#5. Armor

One other essential piece of riding gear you absolutely must have is body armor. As the name implies, body armor helps protect vital sorts of your body, such as your spine. They help absorb collision impact to minimize damage.

The great thing here is most riding gear sets come with body armor included. Also, others usually have pockets where you can buy and install armor. So, if you’re unwilling to change your gear, you can always upgrade it.


Motorcycle riding gear may appear unattractive initially; however, their utility goes beyond fashion. They also play critical roles in ensuring you’re always safe while enjoying the thrill of the open road. There are other motorcycle riding gears you can consider getting. However, the abovementioned are the must-have essentials for every rider regardless of experience level. 

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