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Drea De Matteo Brother, Husband, Children, Siblings & More

Drea De Matteo was born January 19, 1972 in New York City and now resides in Florida. Since launching her television career on series like the Sopranos, Sons of Anarchy, Desperate Housewives and Shades of Blue she has delighted audiences through her captivating performances on these popular programs.

Over ten years into her entertainment career she made waves when she made headlines by creating an OnlyFans account to save herself and family life – sparking much curiosity from media sources, especially regarding parents and siblings involved with Drea.

Who Are Drea De Matteo’s Brothers?

Joe and Darren De Matteo share an immense bond with Drea De Matteo as siblings who lived together as Roman Catholics in Queens, New York. Together they shared many experiences while developing deep understanding between one another thanks to their upbringing – shaping both individuals’ characters and beliefs at large.

Drea’s Parents have had an enormous effect on her.

Drea’s father, Albert A. De Matteo, held an executive position with an esteemed furniture manufacturer while her mother Donna worked as a playwriting professor at New York City’s HB Studio. These parents provided invaluable values and guidance that have played an instrumental role in Drea’s personal and professional growth.

Drea’s Personal and Relationship History

Drea De Matteo and Martin Devin have been in a relationship since 2015. She is proud of being the mother of Alabama Gypsy Rose Jennings and Waylon Albert Blackjack Jennings; these children provide her with endless support and inspiration in life. Her family continues to play an essential part of that support network as she pursues her career goals.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Drea De Matteo hails from Whitestone in Queens. After beginning at Loyola School in Queens, Drea studied film production at NYU Tisch School of the Arts – earning her BFA there as well. While originally hoping to pursue film directing instead, her focus gradually changed into acting – ultimately landing her her breakthrough role of Adriana La Cerva on “The Sopranos.”

Drea’s Impact in the Entertainment Industry

Drea De Matteo has long been celebrated for her contributions to entertainment, particularly her portrayals of complex characters that garner both critical acclaim and audience appreciation. Joining OnlyFans shows an eagerness to embrace new platforms while strengthening connections with her audience in innovative ways.

Drea De Matteo’s life embodies resilience, talent, and dedication to her craft. Her family, particularly Joe and Darren De Matteo as well as parents and children play an instrumental role in supporting her journey as she expands as an actress while exploring new ventures; fans eagerly anticipate Drea’s next chapter!

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