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Are The Island Boys Gay? Everything We Know So Far?

Kodiyakredd (Franky Venegas) and Flyysoulja (Alex Venegas) first became internet superstars with their viral TikTok song, “I’m an Island Boy”, making an internet splash within months of its release in 2021. Since their rise to fame, this duo have engaged in multiple celebrity feuds such as those against Adam22 and Blueface further solidifying their place at the center of public attention.

What Started the Controversy?

Recently, Flyysoulja caused controversy on social media when he posted a video showing himself kissing Kodiyakredd, which soon caused backlash from viewers who considered this act “incest.” To add fuel to this flame of disapproval was Flyysoulja taking TikTok Live to address his situation while sharing personal insights that further complicated matters.

What Has Flyysoulja Revealed?

Flyysoulja made a bold proclamation about his sexuality during a TikTok Live session: he declared, “I’m never going to be bottom… so therefore… ” And went on, “you gotta support me because you feel me: I like men… that is simply who I am… even though that means being called top is true…” This statement came as quite a shocker and added another level to the controversy surrounding video footage showing Flyysoulja kissing his brother! This new insight added a whole new layer to that video that had surfaced with video showing Flyysoulja kissing his sibling…

How Did the Public React?

Reaction to Flyysoulja’s revelation was mixed. While some applauded his openness about his sexuality, others focused on the video and its potential ramifications. Comments posted online ranged from supportive to critical with one Twitter user noting “they need to tell these new gens this shit isn’t normal”, while another tweeted: “Did I just see two Island boys making out with each other and kissing? Ain’t they brothers?” These reactions revealed both its complexity as well as varied perspectives regarding his sexuality as well as Kissing his brother in public.

What Was Flyysoulja’s Response to Backlash?

Flyysoulja responded to criticism and accusations of incest by telling TMZ, that kissing does not count as sexual acts between straight males. This statement seemed at odds with his earlier reveal on TikTok Live and added further confusion and suspicion surrounding this situation, prompting questions as to the purpose and intent behind Flyysoulja’s video, his intentions, and its message.

What Does This Mean for Island Boys?

Recent controversy regarding the Island Boys has certainly put them back into the public eye, yet its effects remain to be seen. Though known for their unconventional approaches and willingness to push boundaries, this particular episode may have crossed some fans and followers’ lines; only time will tell how Flyysoulja’s disclosure affects future efforts by this duo.

Flyysoulja’s video and subsequent revelation of his sexuality has generated much debate, from those supporting to those opposed. While some praise Flyysoulja for coming forward with his sexual orientation, others may worry about its potential effects and implications for Island Boys themselves as they navigate this challenge – yet another indication of their continued influence within social media entertainment and beyond.

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