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Mexican-Dominican Star Andrés García Dies At 81- What Caused His Death?

The late Andrés Garcia was regarded as one of Mexico’s most talented actors and producers, and he passed away on April 4, 2023.

As a result of his death, the entertainment industry has been left with an immense void, and his fans and colleagues mourn the loss of such an iconic figure.

What Happened to Andres Garcia? The Startling Truth Revealed

Andres Garcia, a beloved actor of Dominican-Mexican descent, passed away on April 4 at 81 due to complications from hepatic cirrhosis, a condition characterized by extensive liver scarring. The news of his passing has deeply saddened his fans worldwide.

The veteran actor had been ailing and was under medical care. Despite receiving treatment, his health continued deteriorating until he breathed his last at his residence in Acapulco. His devoted wife, Margarita Portillo, was with him during his final moments.

As per Portillo, on April 2, 2023, Garcia underwent a blood transfusion, which weakened his already frail body. In a heartfelt Instagram post, Portillo shared Garcia’s photo and expressed her grief, stating that her beloved husband, Andres Garcia, had passed away and was now resting besides the Lord Jesus. She further added that he was loved by his family, friends, and the media.

According to Portillo, Garcia returned home after receiving the blood transfusion, but his body was exhausted. At the time of his passing, Portillo, her sister, and a nurse were by his side. She shared that Andres took his last breath at 3:07 pm. His body will rest in their home at Calle Urracas No. 20, Fraccionamiento Costa Brava, in the city and port of Acapulco, starting tomorrow, April 5, at 9:00 am.

Understanding Hepatic Cirrhosis

Hepatic cirrhosis, a condition characterized by severe liver scarring, can be caused by various liver diseases and conditions, such as hepatitis or chronic alcoholism, as stated by the Mayo Clinic. In the event of liver injury, scar tissue forms to repair itself.

As cirrhosis worsens, scar tissue accumulates, making it difficult for the liver to function correctly. It is impossible to undo the damage caused by cirrhosis, but an early diagnosis can make it easier to control the condition.

According to MEDizzy, the common symptoms of cirrhosis include fatigue, bleeding, bruising, nausea, swelling, weight loss, itchy skin, yellow discoloration of the skin and eyes, fluid buildup in the abdomen, spider-like blood vessels on the skin, redness in the palms of the hands, pale fingernails, clubbing of the fingers, confusion, drowsiness, and slurred speech.

Individuals who consume large amounts of alcohol, are overweight, or have viral hepatitis are more likely to develop cirrhosis. The condition can be prevented by reducing alcohol consumption, maintaining a healthy diet, controlling weight, and reducing the risk of hepatitis.

Andres Garcia: The Veteran Actor Who Defined the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema

Meet the talented and attractive Mexican actor who burst onto the screen in Chanoc (1966). Born to Spanish parents who later settled in Mexico, this hunky and well-built leading man quickly became a sex symbol from the late 1960s through the 1980s. In the 1990s, García faced a highly publicized battle with cancer, which he reportedly overcame through a herbal remedy.

García’s two sons, Andrés García Jr. and Leonardo García Vale, have followed in their father’s footsteps and are also accomplished, actors. In 1974, he was nominated Best Supporting Actor Ariel for his role in Principio, El (1972).

Although García has been involved in soap operas for the past decade, his contributions to the entertainment industry have varied. With his good looks, impressive physique, and undeniable acting talent, he has significantly impacted the film industry and captured the hearts of audiences worldwide.

Andres Garcia was a true legend in the Mexican entertainment industry, and his passing was a significant loss to his fans and colleagues worldwide. However, we can be sure his legacy will live on for many years. We send our deepest condolences to his family and loved ones and thank him for all the joy and inspiration he brought to our lives.


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