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Co-parenting in the digital era

The world of technology continues to develop at a rapid rate, presenting new opportunities in a variety of areas in our day-to-day lives. One of these areas includes co-parenting, helping separated parents to navigate these challenges in the digital age.

In this article, we’ll be discussing how technology can bring peace to co-parenting, keeping both parents in the loop, and how the digital age can positively impact family life.

Communication tools

Having clear and open conversations with your ex-partner is so important when co-parenting. Using instant messaging technology can encourage a healthy flow of communication to discuss various schedules and routines that need to be adhered to.

You can choose to use social media messaging apps, email, or video conferencing platforms to facilitate your discussions on co-parenting.

Shared calendars and scheduling apps

Consider setting up shared calendars using platforms like Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar to easily view each other’s schedules. This can be used to organise events or appointments that you both need oversight of.

Shared calendars can also encourage more efficient communication. As you both know what is going on and when there’s no need for those unnecessary conversations which could result in conflict. All appointments and events are laid out in the calendar, helping to avoid arguments, double bookings, and miscommunication.

Digital parenting agreements

The emergence of virtual storage services, such as Google Drive or Dropbox, is ideal for sharing important documents, such as parenting agreements, school schedules, medical records, and legal documents.

If you need to share relevant information but don’t want to discuss it with your ex-partner face-to-face, this technology is great at ensuring both parents have easy access to confidential information.

Co-parenting challenges in the digital age

Shared parenting duties can be tricky to navigate, especially if the relationship ended badly. While co-parenting in the digital age is incredibly convenient and efficient, there are often challenges associated with such technological advancements, too.

Perhaps you might experience miscommunication or boundary issues when speaking via messenger apps. Similarly, conflicts can be exacerbated online and people may often want to release their anger on the other person publicly on social media.

Strategies for successful co-parenting

Successful co-parenting means any emotions, including anger, hurt, or resentment, should be put aside in the best interests of your child. While it can be difficult to work cooperatively with your ex, it’s worth trying to do so to ensure co-parenting remains as stress-free as possible.

Try not to put your children in the middle of your communication. By using technology, you can easily communicate with one another without having to go through your child. This puts unnecessary pressure on them and it’s better to speak directly with your ex to ensure things are communicated properly.

Keep any issues to yourself. Avoid speaking to people online about your private life as this can easily be put out on social media and used against you. Your child shouldn’t have to see you and your ex in a public feud either.

If you’re struggling to co-parent with your partner and need advice on what to do next, it’s worth considering the help of specialist children’s solicitors. Family issues can be sensitive, but seeking the right support can be beneficial for you, your ex-partner, and your child(ren).

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