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How to stay entertained between flights

Facing a long layover? There’s always something you can do to fill your time. Whether you’re confined to the airport terminal or you’ve got a bit of time to explore your surroundings, a layover can be much more than just waiting around. Here are some of the best ways to keep yourself entertained between flights.

Read or listen to a book

Layovers are the perfect time to finally get around to starting or finishing that book that’s been on your list for a while. Find a cosy corner, grab yourself a drink and dive into a great story for a few hours.

Some find audiobooks more enjoyable and even relaxing, so it’s always worth having a pair of quality headphones while you’re travelling. You can listen to and download audiobooks on platforms such as Audible, Google Audiobooks and BBC Sounds.

Play games

With a mobile phone or portable device, there’s always an extensive range of games at your fingertips. Jump into fictional worlds and multiplayer lobbies or experience the thrill of online casino games from wherever you are in the world.

From simple arcade games that keep you coming back for more to deep story-driven games that take you on a special journey, there are hours of fun to be had. Just remember to keep your device charged in case you need it later!

Check out the area

Spending time in an airport terminal doesn’t have to be boring, even if you have no other choice. You can easily kill a few hours by exploring the duty-free section, shopping at other stores or trying something different from one of the food establishments on offer.

If you have the luxury of leaving the airport during a longer layover, take the opportunity to explore the surrounding area to add more memories to your travelling experience. Try some local delicacies, see the sights on offer or go for a wander and see what you can find.

Take a nap

Travelling can be exhausting, so what better time to get some rest than during a layover? Find a quiet corner or a row of empty seats to stretch out on and use a travel cushion or a makeshift pillow to rest your head.

There may not be many chances to sleep during the rest of your journey, especially if you don’t find it easy on planes. Even just a quick power nap or the chance to shut your eyes for a bit can make a big difference for the rest of your trip.




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