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Tips for Dealing with Hair After Swimming in Ocean Water

Getting your hair back to its former splendor after being in the water is no easy chore, even if you’ve spent hundreds of pounds on your holiday outfit and have mastered the art of applying cosmetics on the beach without a mirror. If you’ve recently spent months getting your hair back in tip-top shape or treated yourself to a gorgeous blowout, it’s much more frustrating.

Your hair can feel a little matted after a sea dip, but is it damaged?

Is ocean water good for your hair? To put it succinctly, it can. Kala Kilshaw, owner of Kilshaw & Co. hair shop, concurs. “Most face shapes can benefit greatly from a natural, air-dried tousled wave, but too much ocean water can cause damage to your hair,” explains Kilshaw.

“Chlorine and sea water both enlarge the cuticle on the outermost layer of hair, giving the appearance of damage,” the speaker stated. In addition, it causes color fading, scalp irritation, and increased tangles and knots in hair.”

When on vacation, how do you maintain the health of your hair?

The creator of the hair brand Hair by Sam McKnight, Sam McKnight, begins by saying, “A care ritual is essential.” He advises using shampoo twice to clean the hair. “The first cleanse will remove pollution, product build-up, and sebum, and the second cleanse will allow your hair to reap the benefits from your cleanser.” Regularly apply a nutritious hair treatment as a follow-up.

Sam also stresses the importance of being aware of the components of a restorative treatment. 

“Look for components that are reputed to repair and nourish.” 

Rich in nutrients, seed oils like sunflower seed oil are a wonderful option; on the other hand, castor oil is a very nutritious oil that is high in vitamin E and omega 6 and 9, which are known to restore moisture levels.” It’s also a good idea to apply a barrier product before you step into the water. The director of the Jamie Stevens hair salon advises using an SPF-containing hair masque before getting in the water. “For shorter hair, comb through the hair and keep it wet; for longer hair, pull it up into a tidy bun. It will shield every strand from the oceany water by forming a barrier, reducing damage and avoiding moisture loss.”

Can you leave your hair in ocean water for an entire night?

GH-approved hairdressers, like Nadia Dean, Senior Stylist at John Frieda salons, advised us to rinse our hair with fresh water as soon as we get out of the pool. If you leave it on for too long, it will become brittle and parched. Even if it’s just wish bottled water you have on the beach, rinse it as quickly as you can.”

After contacting Ocean Water, how should my hair be styled?

Based on the type of hair you have. For people with curly hair, which can become extremely dry when exposed to the sun and sea, intense hydration is especially crucial. “If you’ve got curly hair, apply an intensive conditioner when you get out of the sea and twist the hair round your fingers as it dries, embracing your natural texture, but with a beachy twist,” suggested Karine Jackson, owner of the salon.

Karine says you can use the sea water as a styling product. “Simply get your fingers into your hair and ruffle to achieve a cool, tousled finish.”

As an alternative, you can look classy if your hair is shorter. “Make sure it’s sleeked to the head by combing it straight or with a brushed back parting,” advises Barrie Stephen’s artistic director Neil Smith.

When it comes to your vacation hair, go ahead and leave your products in throughout the evening. “Using a leave-in and sweeping the hair into a high ponytail,” advises Stephen. Tie the ponytail loosely in a knot and fasten it firmly with pins. Your product is left neatly to work hard in your hair with a simple, elegant finish.” Hairdresser Paul Edmonds suggests leaving the hair damp with the product and wearing it in a loose plait for the day. When you take it off at night, you should see a soft, sandy wave.

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