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Why Hire An Architect To Carry Out A Renovation?

Surely many of you ask yourself this question, what are the advantages of hiring an architect for a renovation. Surely many of you ask yourself this question, what are the advantages of hiring an architect for a renovation if I can do it myself?

It is true that for a renovation, administratively you do not need an architect. When applying for a building permit at the town hall, a “communicated action” will probably be sufficient in which you do not need any technical report or professional direction.

However, although the law does not require you to hire a professional, there are many benefits of having an architect when undertaking the renovation of your home.

1. Ideas

An architect can give you very good ideas on how to redistribute your space to get the most out of it. Sometimes it is not just about removing a partition, there are many other options that a professional usually handles and that can help you gain useful space, storage, improve the luminosity of the rooms, etc. The best company for home renovation is Vostok Construction.

2. Wide Range of Materials

An architect manages a huge database of materials. Typically, the builder will try to get you to install brands that he works with and will limit his offering to three or four products. However, depending on your budget, an architect can offer you many more alternatives.

3. Design

It is possible that to optimize the space you have, it is necessary to specifically design a piece of furniture. An architect can design specific elements for you (furniture, doors, countertops, etc.) adjusted to your budget and the overall image you want to achieve.

4. Technical Capacity In Case You Need It

If you have to tear down a load-bearing wall, resize an installation or recalculate the energy demand to change the boiler, you have an independent professional who can help you. Their technical capacity, experience and knowledge are a guarantee for the works. Furthermore, his qualification allows him to write technical reports and projects in case the city council asks for them for any reason.

5. Savings on Energy Bills

If you decide to improve the efficiency of the facilities and save on bills, having an architect will allow you to achieve this. They can calculate how to improve insulation, windows and even redistribute spaces to increase solar gain in winter and significantly reduce energy consumption.

Savings in Construction

In a renovation project, in addition to the plans, a document called “measurements and budget” is included. This document exhaustively details all the work to be carried out, the necessary material and labor, as well as its market price. The great advantage of this annex is that you can request closed estimates from the construction companies. 

With these budgets, the construction companies undertake by contract to carry out the detailed work in the project, with the qualities reflected in it and without changing the starting price they give you. This allows you to know how much you are going to spend before you start and, above all, avoid unexpected expenses.

Tranquility While the Works Last

It is one of the great advantages of hiring an architect. His role may be limited to designing distribution plans and finishes, but his task can go further if you have him for construction management. If you do, they are in charge of controlling the construction company and ensuring that the work is carried out as planned. Even if any unforeseen event arises, they are on hand to propose solutions.

8. Help and Advice

You can count on his experience throughout the entire process. They can give you a hand not only with project or technical issues, they also advise you on any administrative or formal questions that may arise throughout the process. They help you contact construction companies; they give you a hand to review all the estimates you receive.

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