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9 Steps to Transport your Vehicles by Train in India

Transport your Vehicles by Train in India

If you are transporting your vehicle by train in India for the first Time, you will have many questions about what to expect in order to build an understanding of the process.

Look no further as here are 9 Steps designed to simplify the movement of your vehicles in India through trains:

  1. Begin Asking the Right Questions:-

To address your needs accurately, be curious and ask as many questions as possible to visualize the comprehensive process of Vehicle Transportation. 

Broadly, there are two ways of transporting a vehicle by Train. One way is to transport your car or bike as luggage loaded on the same train you’re heading to your destination. Another way is to transport your car as a parcel before or after you arrive.

  1. Fulfil Formalities before Hiring Vehicle Moving Firm:-

Before you approach a moving company, ensure that you have completed the Formal Documentation and submitted the required documents to the Parcel Office of the respective Railway Station. 

The Parcel officer will check for the availability of a train bogie based on your date of arrival and will ask for details regarding the vehicle transportation. You’ll have to share documents, such as (Vehicle registration certificate) RC, insurance certificate, emission certificate, and ID proof.

  1. Pre-Booking Train Services in Advances:-

You have to make sure that you are well prepared before the season’s peak arrival. And it’s much more likely that the arrival dates will be according to the availability and as prescribed by Parcel Rail Office.

It’s at times as these that we look for specialist relocation providers to offer genuine guides with years of expertise in pre-booking rail services in advance for a favourable Relocation experience.

  1. Hire a Genuine Moving Company:-

To secure a spot for your vehicle on the train, the legal process needs to be adhered to get all clearances by Time. Keeping a duration of 2 weeks for Car Transportation in Bangalore to Delhi, which commonly has high traffic congestion coupled with the long journey cost between Rs 12,000/- to-Rs 15,000/-.

After researching references and reviews for the best packers and movers in India, consider expert moving assistance. For a stress-free move, consider booking a reputable moving company like The Packers Movers.

  1. Consider Storage Services for your Vehicles:-

Safety should be a priority at all times, especially in case of unexpected date shifts due to the weather, humid rains, or seasonal peak delays. One needs to prepare to tackle security concerns and threats of vandalism or theft. Never keep it unchecked.

Secure your relocation with the upbeat services of The Packers Movers. Their well-ventilated, air-tight storage carrier units are temperature-controlled, ensuring the safety of your valuable vehicles without breaking the bank.

  1. Confirm the delivery date from the parcel office:-

When you parcel your car or bike by train, the Parcel officer adds your respective vehicle to the Railway’s booking module and arranges the departure and arrival date. The details of the consignment party are displayed on the screen, and the freight is automatically calculated. 

Your vehicle parcel is assigned a unique 10-digit PRR number for train transport, which should be confirmed before moving by the 

  1. Preparation for Securing your vehicles Transported:-

It is necessary to keep your vehicles in clean condition and upgrade them to vehicle systemic reporting for monitoring damage assessment.

  • Keep clear vehicle surface for easily identifying scratches/ damage.
  • Document the photographs of your car from different angles in its pre-transport condition. 
  • Empty the vehicle storage cabins to ensure your valuables do not get misplaced.
  • Finally, ensure that fuel levels are about a quarter of the tank’s weight to reduce weight and risk.
  1. Final Loading and unloading Vehicle on Trains:

During the crucial stage of transporting vehicles, it is always essential to exercise great caution. Loading and unloading vehicles is a labour-intensive process that requires technical skills and specialized equipment to handle packaged cartons of varying sizes swiftly yet with care without compromising efficiency. 

However, the Train authorities have discretion over the train on which the bike or car will be transported. The loading can be carried out by a hired expert moving company, such as The Packer Movers for Bike Transportation in Delhi, Indore, and Chennai, as well as any of the Railway stations appointed in third-tier cities of India.

  1. Get minute-by-minute with E-Tracking:-

Book the moving services, which offer a satellite-based E-Tracking system for consigned Vehicles. A reliable minute-by-minute update of the customer’s consigned vehicle transportation would bring transparency. 

With just a few clicks, their portal is a directory of verified details and relevant details needed to choose the best Packers and Movers firm. No mediation by any third party to customers ensures real-time tracking. 


If your vehicle is not on the same train as you, book it as a parcel. This saves time and money compared to transporting it as luggage. With reliable The Packer Movers save on packing to make moving vehicles an ease under professionally help and expertise.

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