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Luis Rubiales Net Worth: Bio, Age, Net Worth, Income Source & Recent Controversy!

Luis Rubiales Net Worth

The name Luis Rubiales has recently become synonymous with a controversial act that’s engulfed the football world in debate. While many fans are buzzing about this, others are also curious about the financial standing of the embattled football executive. This article delves into Luis Rubiales’ net worth, his actions involving Spanish footballer Jenni Hermoso, and the repercussions he has faced.

Who is Luis Rubiales?

Born on August 23, 1977, in the Municipality of Las Palmas, Spain, Luis Manuel Rubiales Béjar has worn many hats in his career. A former soccer player, he represented various clubs, playing as a defender for teams like Guadix CF, RCD Mallorca B, and Levante UD. With an educational background from CEU Cardinal Herrera University and Camilo Jose Cela University, Rubiales later transitioned into football administration. He currently serves as the president of the Spanish Football Federation and is one of UEFA’s vice presidents.

What is Luis Rubiales’s Net Worth?

Rubiales’ financial standing is quite robust, with an estimated net worth of $5 million. This wealth is attributed to his long-standing career both as a former player and a football executive. His annual salary, although undisclosed, is assumed to be sizable, fitting his role in the Spanish Football Federation and UEFA. Despite the controversy, Rubiales remains a wealthy individual who has significantly influenced Spanish football.

The Incident with Jenni Hermoso

The Women’s World Cup win for Spain should have been a time of unmitigated joy, but the occasion was tainted by Luis Rubiales’ actions. In what has now become a highly debated incident, Rubiales kissed Jennifer Hermoso, better known as Jenni Hermoso, on the lips during the trophy presentation ceremony. Adding to the controversy was his crotch-grabbing gesture as he celebrated the historic win. Both acts have generated widespread criticism and opened discussions about consent and appropriate behavior in professional settings.

Luis Rubiales’s Statement and Fallout

In the aftermath of the incident, Rubiales offered an explanation during a press conference, asserting that the kiss was consensual. His statement prompted mass resignations, including as many as 11 members of the women’s football staff in the Spanish football federation. FIFA has suspended him, and disciplinary proceedings are underway. His actions have plunged the World Cup-winning nation into a crisis, raising questions about his leadership and judgment.

Public and Professional Repercussions

The public backlash was immediate. Social media erupted with calls for accountability, and Hermoso herself denounced the act as an “impulsive, macho act” devoid of her consent. The incident has tarnished not only Rubiales’ reputation but also cast a shadow over Spain’s historic Women’s World Cup win. FIFA’s suspension adds a formal tone to the public outrage, and with staff and players walking out, the future looks uncertain for Rubiales.


Luis Rubiales may have a prosperous financial status, but his recent actions involving Jenni Hermoso have cast a dark shadow over his career. As FIFA’s disciplinary actions are awaited, the fallout continues to reverberate within the Spanish Football Federation and beyond. The incident serves as a cautionary tale of how a moment’s indiscretion can lead to far-reaching repercussions, both personally and professionally.

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