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Thomas Dimarco Obituary: Remembering The Remarkable Life Of Gaetano “Thomas” Dimarco

Gaetano “Thomas” DiMarco left an everlasting mark on those he touched throughout his 91 years on this Earth. Born just before the Great Depression in Brooklyn, New York and beginning life’s journey at family bakery before discovering electronics and making an impactful mark in entertainment world, Thomas DiMarco’s story stands as one of resilience, creativity and boundless positivity.

A Life Rooted in Family and Bakery

The DiMarco family’s bakery business was the cornerstone of Thomas’s early life. As a teenager, he started learning the ropes of driving delivery trucks and met Anne who would later become his beloved wife. Their union in 1953 marked a new chapter filled with love, shared dreams and the expansion of a growing family.

From Child Actor to Musical Talents

Thomas’s journey took a unique turn when he dabbled in acting as a child, appearing in films that were part of his era’s cultural fabric. As he grew, his talents extended to the world of music, where he won singing contests that pitted him against future Grammy winners. His love for dancing was another vibrant facet of his personality, and he continued to dance until his 80s, spreading joy through every step.

A Driving Instructor’s Glimpse into Stardom

As a driving instructor in Manhattan, Thomas had an unparalleled opportunity to observe the development of rising stars such as Barbra Streisand and Harry Belafonte as his pupils enrolled as students. This unexpected access allowed him to experience exclusive performances in city clubs, showcasing his ability to create connections in unexpected places.

Electronics Pioneer and Entrepreneur

Fueled by an interest in electronics, Thomas pursued one of the earliest electronic engineering degrees in the country. This academic achievement paved the way for a career managing electronics plants, where he oversaw the production of stereo systems and even NASA batteries. His versatility and innovation in the field reflected his commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements.

The Return to Baking and Florida Sunshine

After the passing of his father, Thomas’s path came full circle as he returned to baking, first in his father’s bakery and then at King Kullen on Long Island. Retirement eventually led him to the sunny shores of Florida, where he became affectionately known as the “mayor” of dance clubs, captivating others with his infectious spirit.

Family Man and Enduring Legacy

Thomas was deeply committed to his family. Together with Anne, they raised six children while welcoming his roles of grandfather and great-grandfather with open arms. Additionally, Thomas fostered relationships with stepchildren, nieces, nephews, and friends that extended far beyond blood ties. His knack for sharing humorous anecdotes and jokes endeared him to everyone he encountered.


In the tapestry of Gaetano “Thomas” DiMarco’s life, each chapter was woven with passion, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to spreading joy. Thomas made an indelible mark on everyone he encountered from his early bakery days to entertainment, electronics and family life adventures. His legacy remains through family gratitude for having known him as father, grandfather, brother uncle friend; as his story is shared the memory of his boundless positivity remains to inspire and uphold others on similar journeys.

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