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50 Cent – The Famous Rapper’s Most Outrageous Bets

Despite their extravagant riches, celebrities are among the few people who spend big bucks wagering for fun. Some of the big-wigs in the celebrity world have had a lucky streak in their bets, while some might have ended up regretting their choices. One top celebrity is rapper Curtis Jackson, popularly known as 50 Cent, who has made some of the most iconic bets of all time.

For us average Joes, gambling mainly includes researching your favorite games to know the odds and predictions. Once you’ve identified the underdogs and favorites, you place wagers in trusted betting sites to possibly win. 

With celebrities, things are a bit different. Besides using online sportsbooks, they can contact famous athletes and sports stars to make personalized bets. Below, we’ll see how rapper 50 Cent has leveraged his super-star status to make some outrageous wagers.

  1. Backing the New York Giants During Super Bowl 46

In 2012, 50 Cent placed a series of wagers on the Giants beating the 49ers in the NFL playoffs 2012. Luckily, these bets won him a profit worth up to $500,000, which he gifted his grandmother. When asked how he knew his wager would pay out, the rapper claimed the ‘voices in his head’ told him.

But wait, there’s more craziness to this story. After 50’s win, he placed a double-or-nothing wager, this time staking $1 million, on the Giants winning against the Patriots in the Super Bowl. Once again, he succeeded with his bet, cashing out a hefty amount.

  1. 50’s Offer to Floyd Mayweather

Those who pay attention to the boxing world know there’s a running joke where people bet if it’s true or false that boxer Floyd Mayweather is illiterate. With this information, Curtis challenged Mayweather to read any page on the Harry Potter book series. If he was successful, 50 promised to donate $750,000 to any charity Floyd chose.

However, much to the disappointment of many viewers Floyd declined this wager by posting photos of some 8-figure cheques. Whether this was to show 50 he didn’t need his money or he’s better at math than reading, we’ll never know!

  1. The Controversial Bet With Webbie

Given 50’s extensive betting history, we don’t know what to believe in this one. During a boxing match between Terence Crawford and Yuriorkis Gamboa, it’s said that 50 made a bet with rapper Webster Gradney Jr., famous by his stage name Webbie. The pair agreed to part with up to $1 million in this wager, depending on who won.

When Crawford won against Gamboa, Curtis refused to pay up. His management further claimed that they had heard nothing about this wager. While his allegiance to Gamboa was clear, since he was his manager, we’re not sure he’d be willing to place $1 million on the player spontaneously. The rapper definitely loves a good gamble, but on this one, we don’t know who to believe.

Other Iconic Bets made by 50 Cent

Throughout his love-hate relationship with Mayweather, Curtis has placed several other wagers involving the boxer. That includes his betting $1.6 million on Floyd winning against Manny Pacquiao in what was referred to as one of the biggest boxing matches this year. He had also wagered a hefty sum on the undefeated boxer winning against Oscar De La Hoya in 2007.

Even though Jackson is often open about the dangers of betting, there’s no denying that he has made some serious money out of it. If you find his outlook on betting activities entertaining, you should know he loves flaunting on social media. As such, sites like Twitter and Instagram would be great places to start for those who want to keep up with his wagering habits.

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